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So you managed to snag a PS5. Congratulations! Sony’s hot new next-gen console comes with just about everything you need to start having fun right out of the box, but you’ll probably want to pick up a few essential accessories to make the most out of your PS5.

Perhaps you want to stream to Twitch, or better communicate with your friends during heated Call of Duty: Warzone matches? Or maybe you just need an extra controller or two for local multiplayer parties? No matter what you’re looking for, here are our picks for the best PS5 accessories that will make your experience with Sony’s console even better.

KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks ($14.99, originally $21.99;


Need some extra thumbstick grip on your DualSense controller? KontrolFreek’s performance thumbsticks may be exactly what you’re looking for. These custom rubber attachments give your DualSense sticks some extra grip, making it easier to land those crucial headshots in your favorite first-person shooters. And since they’re available in a variety of colors and styles, KontrolFreek’s thumbsticks are a nice way to make your DualSense look truly your own.

PS5 Media Remote ($29.99;

Best Buy

Sometimes you don’t want to fumble with a large, clunky controller when you’re watching Netflix on your PS5. That’s where Sony’s Media Remote comes in. This sleek and convenient remote packs all of the essential navigation and playback controls you need for watching your favorite movies and shows, and even features dedicated Disney+, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube buttons for getting right to some of the console’s most popular apps.

HyperX Cloud Stinger ($39.99, originally $49.99;


While the PS5’s DualSense controller has a built-in microphone and speaker, you’ll want a dedicated headset if you want to properly communicate with your Fortnite or Call of Duty squad while being able to hear your opponents coming. The HyperX Cloud Stinger is an excellent budget pick, offering a sleek, lightweight design complete with comfortable leatherette earcups ideal for long play sessions. The headset’s noise-cancelling microphone will make it easy for your squad to hear you, while its 50mm drivers will ensure that you hear every ambient detail as you die repeatedly in Demon’s Souls.

WD 1TB My Passport Portable ($54.99, originally $59.99;


The PS5’s 825GB of internal storage will fill up fast given how large modern games are, but you can give yourself some extra space by snagging an external hard drive for your PS4 games. Western Digital’s 1TB My Passport drive is one of the most popular external hard drives out there, thanks to its compact design, generous storage space for the price and compatibility with game consoles including the PS5. Just keep in mind that external hard drives can only be used for storing and playing PS4 games; the PS5 is set to get support for internal SSDs for storing PS5 games at a later date. Either way, storing your older titles on an external drive frees up more space in your PS5’s storage for true next-gen games.

PS5 HD Camera ($59.99;

Best Buy

If you’re taking advantage of the PS5’s handy ability to stream directly to Twitch or YouTube and want your audience to see you alongside your gameplay, Sony’s HD Camera is for you. This dual-lens camera captures in crisp 1080p, allowing viewers to get a clear look at you in picture-in-picture as you broadcast your favorite games. The HD Camera features automatic background removal for even more immersive-looking streams, and includes a stand that can easily clip to most TVs or monitors.

DualShock 4 ($59.99;


While the PS5’s new DualSense controller is one of the coolest things about the system, Sony’s tried-and-true DualShock 4 gamepad also works great on PS5. The DualShock 4 can only be used on PS5 when playing backwards compatible PS4 games, but it’s perfect for catching up on your last-gen backlog or for playing multiplayer staples like Overcooked 2 and Rocket League. Plus, it’s generally $5 to $10 cheaper than buying an extra DualSense.

DualSense Wireless Controller ($69.96;


It never hurts to have an extra controller handy. Sony’s new DualSense Wireless Controller is the most innovative gamepad we’ve ever used, thanks to advanced haptics and adaptive triggers that allow you to feel every detail of your favorite games in a way that just wasn’t possible before. And with plenty of local multiplayer games already available on PS5 including Sackboy: A Big Adventure and NBA 2K21, an extra DualSense will allow you and a friend to enjoy the immersive action together.

Qanba Drone ($69.28, originally $79.99;

Best Buy

If you’re the type of player that takes their Street Fighter or Tekken seriously, it’s worth considering a fight stick for playing with arcade-like precision. The Qanba Drone is one of the most popular and affordable options out there, packing high-quality Qanba buttons and a responsive joystick into a compact design that suits both veteran and beginner fighting game fans. Better yet, it fully supports PS4 and PS5 titles, making it ideal for next-gen brawlers like Mortal Kombat 11 and the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive.

Hori Racing Wheel Apex ($99;

If you’re looking for a more immersive way to play top PS5 racing games like Dirt 5 or want to be ready for the hotly anticipated Gran Turismo 7, Hori’s Racing Wheel Apex is a solid and affordable starting point. This officially licensed racing accessory includes a full-size wheel and dual petals built to replicate the feeling of speeding around in your favorite car, complete with a secure clamp for mounting it to your desk and fully programmable buttons and paddles.