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After months of being locked up indoors, barred from gyms and beaches and unable to get in a pick-up game of basketball anywhere, the best gift you could give someone you love is the gift of fitness and health. And the safest way for people to keep in shape is an at-home workout system like Tempo.

This isn’t a Shake Weight and a set of oversized rubber bands. Tempo Studio is essentially a real gym and trainer you get to keep at home, meaning you don’t have to wear a mask and you don’t have to wipe down and share the equipment between every set.

The first all-in-one home fitness system and AI trainer, it uses 3D sensors, motion detection and a powerful artificial intelligence to analyze your form, regulate your speed and — that most vital of jobs for a good spotter — keep accurate count of your reps. It’ll even let you know if you’re overdoing it on the weight or if you’re ready to kick the challenge up a notch or three.


Tempo Studio comes with a full 115-pound set of professional Olympic weights and equipment, a 42-inch touch screen, a workout mat, a recovery roller, a Microsoft Azure Kinect 3D motion sensor and camera and a heart monitor — everything needed for a workout whether you’re a veteran gym rat or completely new to the fitness scene. And though it packs a big punch, the whole thing takes up only a 3-square-foot footprint, meaning you won’t have to dedicate more than a corner of a room to it. Even that big screen neatly hides away in its own cabinet — another reason the Tempo Gym has won so many design awards!

That touch screen isn’t just for showing pretty pictures while you work out, either. It’s your portal to a full staff of certified trainers who can help you improve in whatever kind of workout you’re looking for, from aerobics to strength training, five-minute abs or mobility training. Each of the over 500 group classes ends with personalized feedback from the coach on how to get the most out of the next session. And if you’d rather not work out with strangers, you can use Tempo’s customizable AI to create your own solo sessions or to compete for best times and accomplishments with your friends. Whether you’re getting ready for your next marathon or just trying to shed a few quarantine pounds, the Tempo AI will use its deep database of scientific knowledge and cutting-edge tech to help you achieve exactly the goals you set for yourself, helping you design three- to eight-week fitness programs that’ll keep you in great health even if you still can’t make it to the fitness center anymore.

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or an investment in yourself, Tempo Studio has the goods to make health and fitness a reachable goal even under these most challenging of circumstances.