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Raise a hand if this sounds familiar:

“What do you want to make for dinner tonight?”

“I dunno. What do we have?”

“I’m not sure. Not much. What do you feel like?”

“What do you feel like?”

“I dunno.”

“Me neither.”

“OK, I guess I’ll get out the box mac ‘n’ cheese again.”

In a year that’s tested all our inner chefs, most of us have come to a grim realization about ourselves: We really only know how to make maybe five or six different meals well. And by June, when your “Chicken Delight Surprise” was neither a delight nor a surprise any longer, it became clear that your limited repertoire was more of a liability than you’d ever imagined.

But who has the time to take cooking classes? Or to do all the necessary prep work? And, in these strange times, even going to the grocery store or obscure specialty shops to get the right ingredients isn’t exactly a simple task anymore.

Enter Blue Apron, which, if you haven’t already heard the raves, is the make-it-yourself weekly meal delivery service that lets you enjoy the quality and care of homemade combined with the convenience and ease of delivery food.

Here’s how it works: Every week, Blue Apron’s roster of professional chefs puts together 23 different meals that include a huge variety to suit practically all tastes and dietary needs. They include classic pleasers, fancy premium meals and conscious-eating options like vegetarian, Mediterranean diet, diabetes-friendly and Weight Watchers-approved. You pick which meals you want delivered to you. Want to stick with the things you know your family will dig into? You’re sure to find it. Want to expand your palate and explore new flavors and techniques? You can do that too — or you can try a little of both. It’s up to you!

Blue Apron

But it doesn’t stop there. You then get to customize your and your family’s weekly meals even further. Want to swap out the default proteins for something you know your pickiest kids will like better? No problem! It’s a simple click to avoid that dreaded dinnertime meltdown. Is your partner a hardworking type who needs to wolf down that extra protein for lunch? It’s just as simple to add an extra portion of beef or turkey or tofu to ensure that the rest of the day isn’t filled with the noisy accusations of that rumbly tummy.

Then all you have to do is wait for your Blue Apron insulated delivery box to arrive and make sure you have a little space in your fridge. When you unpack it, you’ll find perfectly prepared and proportioned ingredients for each meal; easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions that make even the most elegant and complicated-seeming dinners a cinch for kitchen newbies and kitchen experts alike; and a bill that’s easy on your wallet — we’re talking as little as $7.49 per meal. In other words, subscribing to Blue Apron is like having your very own sous chef at home, except this sous chef saves you money instead of charging you a salary. And, of course, instead of sinking time into all that shopping, chopping, dicing, slicing and measuring, you get to spend that time playing with your kids before bedtime or getting in quality time with your partner. Many Blue Apron meals are even ready to plate in under 35 minutes!

And when you’re away on vacation, or if you just want a break, or if you really, really miss seven days in a row of box mac ‘n’ cheese? Blue Apron’s as flexible as you need it to be — you can skip weeks at a time and resume when you’re ready. It’s really you making (or taking a break from making) meals for yourself and your family. Blue Apron’s just there to cut out the unfun stuff and let you enjoy the fun of cooking new meals while making the most of your precious time.

You’re never going to have to break out the box of macaroni again.