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CNN  — 

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs is totally certain of two things:

1) He won his race for a third House term fair and square.

2) Donald Trump got cheated out of a win in Arizona by election fraud.

That’s what he told CNN’s Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb on Monday, that he doesn’t dispute that he won his own race, but “I dispute the presidential election results,” adding that it’s “almost inexplainable” that Trump lost since Republicans did so well in other races in the state.

What a remarkable feat of logic! (And illogic!)

So, according to Biggs, the vote in his 4th district, which he won with almost 60% of the vote, was totally above board – presumably also including the vote for president. (Which Trump almost certainly won, given Biggs’ strongly Republican district, although data from the presidential vote at the congressional district level is not available yet.)

Which means that the vote for president in the other eight House districts in Arizona for president must have been where the fraud occurred! The fraudsters were so smart that they left the vote in Biggs’ district alone but tampered with votes in the other House seats! Man, that is dastardly!

What is Biggs’ evidence for the selective vote fraud that allegedly occurred in Arizona? That it makes no sense that Trump lost because Republicans did so well in other key and contested races in the state, of course! (Biggs isn’t alone in his erroneous argument about election fraud in Arizona: The state’s GOP is making similar claims on its Twitter account.)

Does he mean the Senate race where Democrat Mark Kelly defeated Sen. Martha McSally (R), one of only two Democratic Senate pickups in the country? Or the fact that two targeted Democratic House members in swing seats – Tom O’Halleran and Ann Kirkpatrick – both were reelected? (All nine House incumbents won new terms in Arizona.)

You get the idea. There’s simply no “there” there when it comes to Biggs’ contention about the Arizona vote. In fact, if anything, the downballot results would seem to affirm a slightly Democratic tilt to the state’s electorate, the sort of tilt that might allow Biden to very narrowly win (as he did).

Then there’s the fact that the Arizona results were certified on December 1 after no legitimate claims of fraud were filed. While Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs did the certifying, Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel witnessed the certification.

Presumably, Biggs is all good with his victory for a third term being certified since, according to him, he knows he won without any tampering or fraud. But he’s opposed to certifying Biden as the winner over Trump because, uh, well, he wanted the other guy?

This is not how elections – or contesting election results – work, of course. If Biggs – or anyone else! – had proof of actual fraud, he could have and would have come forward with it. As Ducey said in a November 30 tweet thread responding to Trump’s allegation of “total corruption” in Arizona:

“The canvass of the election triggers a 5-day window for any elector to bring a credible challenge to the election results in court. If you want to contest the results, now is the time. Bring your challenges. That’s the law. I’ve sworn an oath to uphold it, and I take my responsibility seriously.”

Neither Biggs nor anyone else in the state brought that “credible challenge.” Because, well, they couldn’t find any evidence to back up their fuzzy claims of fraud and wrongdoing. It’s just that simple.

All Biggs is doing now is scoring political points with the Trump base – and leaning on a feat of hypocrisy to do it.