Inside Number 36

Published 7:15 PM ET, Sat December 5, 2020
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The interior of Number 36 was from another era. Patterned carpet clashed with embossed wallpaper and the previous owners' love of embellishment had even spread to the ceilings. Alan Brough painted the white plaster, and spent decades touching it up, according to his son Dean. Courtesy Remington Brough
The formal lounge seemed to have been frozen in time. In the corner was an old Mason & Hamlin pump organ. Dean Brough said it was another one of his father's impulse purchases, this time from a car show. Courtesy Remington Brough
When they learned that Alan Brough had made the copper kitchen cabinets by hand, the MacGeorges decided to incorporate them into their new kitchen design. Remington Brough
A wooden antique phone hung on the kitchen wall. Dean Brough said there was another one downstairs -- the family used them like an intercom system. Courtesy Remington Brough
Queenslanders are notorious for being poorly insulated. Older homes had fireplaces to heat them in winter. Courtesy Remington Brough
The Broughs raised their two young sons in the house. It was sold in 2020, after Alan died. Courtesy Remington Brough
The MacGeorges fell in love with the house's painted ceilings -- white plaster in four of the rooms had been painted to complement the decor. Courtesy Remington Brough
The Broughs used every spare inch of the house to display their antiques and souvenirs bought on overseas holidays. Courtesy Remington Brough