The ground floor of Number 36

Published 7:16 PM ET, Sat December 5, 2020
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A lost USB stick found beneath the house revealed a crowded interior packed with antiques and memorabilia collected over 60 years. These photos were taken in December 2018, more than one year before the house was sold to new owners and dismantled, ready to be moved. Courtesy Remington Brough
The Broughs' memorabilia included old-fashioned arcade machines. Here, a wooden claw machine can be seen on the right, filled with old toys. The claw was operated by hand, after depositing sixpence in the slot. Courtesy Remington Brough
On the left sat a Rowe Ami jukebox from the 1960s, advertising hits of the era from Elvis Presley and Dean Martin. Along the back wall, a coin-operated punch strength tester invited users to pull the ball down gently, then take a "good straight punch." Courtesy Remington Brough
One corner of the room was devoted to sailing mementos, including buoys, life preservers and model ships. To complete the theme, a book about the Titanic sat on the table. Courtesy Remington Brough
Alan Brough had modeled part of the room on a traditional British saloon bar. An antique Anker cash register sat on the counter surrounded by glassware and silver tankards. Courtesy Remington Brough