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In a perfect world, we’d be able to leave our front doors unlocked and wouldn’t have to worry about putting up security cameras in and around our homes. But even if porch pirates and break-ins aren’t regularly occupying real estate in your brain, it’s still worth the peace of mind to know you’ve already got your home security covered — just in case anything does go wrong.

Lorex has been providing customers exactly that kind of peace of mind. For 30 years, Lorex has been a leader and one of the most trusted names in home and business security and continues to utilize the latest technological innovations to produce industry-leading security products. Integrating top features such as 4K resolution, smart motion detection, color night vision and smart home integration, Lorex focuses on providing their customers the best monitoring experience.

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Here’s why we’re fans of Lorex’s security products.

Lorex Nocturnal Security Camera

Lorex’s Nocturnal products utilize its game-changing color night vision technology, which can actually produce full-color video at night (with the help of a little ambient lighting). The video is real-time 4K definition, with 30 frames recorded each second, meaning you (or law enforcement) will be viewing events as if you were really there yourself. The varifocal lens with the optical zoom allows you to cover large areas but then zoom in to get even the finest details. Nocturnal cameras feature listen-in audio, providing even more detail to your video footage.

Plus, one of the biggest downsides of modern security camera systems is that owners tend to actually be deluged with too much information, not too little. You can’t go seemingly a half hour without 50 alerts because your tree branches swayed in the wind or your neighbor’s dog decided to chase a squirrel. Lorex’s Nocturnal cameras are smart enough to know what’s important and not important to take note of, with algorithms that can detect when it’s a person or vehicle that comes into view. It’s not only a drain on your monthly messaging count but on your attention — and, like the boy who cried wolf, a security system that screams for your attention for trivial things is the one you’re going to ignore when something really big finally goes down at your house.

But with Lorex, you’ll only get push notifications to your Lorex Cloud app when it’s an actual human or vehicle on your property — not the wind blowing through a tree, a dog or a squirrel.


Lorex’s wire-free camera system is another great solution to common problems with security cameras today. Enjoy the versatility of the battery-operated camera design, making installation a breeze. Also, you will have the flexibility of being able to install the camera where you need it most, without having to run wires. It boasts 1080p high-resolution, motion-activated video and audio recording with two-way microphone; a wide, 140-degree field of view; that great person-detection intelligence; a long-lasting, removable and rechargeable battery; and the option to hook up to a Lorex solar panel for even less need for recharging.

And, because the best outcome for any encounter of this sort is for intruders to simply give up and run away, the Lorex wire-free security camera includes an intuitive warning light and siren. When motion is detected on your property, it will send a notification through the Lorex app, and the LED warning light will activate. You can even set off the remote-triggered siren directly from your phone, alerting neighbors or stopping a potential situation before it happens.

Lorex systems feature built-in local storage, which helps keep your video recordings private and secure as it is stored directly on the device (may it be in the DVR/NVR HDD or microSD). The best part, local storage means no monthly fees!

Beyond the cameras themselves, though, Lorex has made every effort to produce camera’s with features that produce more than peace of mind but simplify your home monitoring experience.

Making your home smarter, they have made it easy to integrate your security systems and cameras with whichever smart home device you’ve chosen for your home, be it Google Home or Amazon Alexa, or even your home entertainment systems, like Chromecast and Apple TV.

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Like it or not, we live in uneasy times in an uncertain world. Luckily, Lorex is still here to bring back a little certainty — and comfort — to our world, one household at a time.