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Throughout this whole wild year, there’s been one soul you could look to for all that extra love and support you needed, who never uttered a single complaint about how you were literally around all the time now and who has really earned an extra-special gift for the holidays this winter season.


No, not your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, siblings or friends — your beloved pet.

And for the true love of your life — be it a dog, cat, hamster, bird, fish or reptile — PetSmart has put together a legitimately stunning set of gifts that’s better than words for saying, “You’re the one who got me through 2020, kid.”

PetSmart has made it easier than ever to spoil your pet, whether it’s with everyday essentials or one-of-a-kind gifts — you can shop online, arrange curbside pickup, get same-day delivery or just come into the store, safely, for in-store services like grooming, training and Doggie Day Care. Looking for something to gift an animal lover but not sure what their pet likes? PetSmart gift cards are versatile and still recognize how important your friend or relative’s nonhuman companion is to them.

That all said, we’ve got our own favorites from PetSmart’s holiday lineup this year.

The Merry & Bright Holiday Deck the Howls Advent Calendar is a fun way to incorporate your dog into traditional Christmas countdowns, with doggie treats like “Jingle Bones” and canine-friendly Santa cookies to give them every day until the real magic happens on the 25th.

Your pet may not appreciate it as much as a big, meaty bone, but the Wyze V2 Double Pack Pet Camera will help you keep your pet safe with a Wi-Fi-connected camera, motion-activated video recording, cloud storage and a two-way audio feature that ensure that, even when you’re away, you’re never too far from your favorite furry pal.

You may love taking your dog for a walk, but your wrists, shoulders and arms may not agree. The I’m Gismo Night Leash System uses an innovative, ergonomic silicone grip to take the strain off your body when your buddy is maybe a little more enthusiastic about getting to the dog park than you’re prepared for at 7 a.m. on a Sunday. Besides the 34-inch nylon leash, it has a poop-bag dispenser, a clip for holding waste bags and a built-in rechargeable flashlight.

OMG! Surprise 2-in-1 Toys are clever toys for clever pups. Featuring fun characters like a T. rex wearing a Santa hat, each lovable plushie also hides a smaller plushie that’s just as cuddly for your critter. (In the case of the T. rex, it’s a candy-cane-striped dog bone with an expression of abject terror — one your natural hunter will surely appreciate.)

Cats can get in on the action at PetSmart too, of course. The Merry & Bright™ Holiday House Cat Scratcher indulges your kitty’s need to scratch and their love of, well, that thing that all cats do where they automatically have to sit in any cardboard box they see. This corrugated cardboard is done up to look like a Christmas chalet and comes with a catnip toy, so you know how Felix will be spending his New Year’s!

Smaller pets get full-size love with the whimsical All Living Things Tiny Tales Fire Truck Connectable Small Animal Habitat, a PetSmart exclusive that lets tiny pets like hamsters, mice and gerbils explore the inside of a light-up fire truck with food dish, water bottle, exercise wheel and easy connection points to add transport tubes and additional habitats.

Another winner you won’t find anywhere but PetSmart, the Top Fin Serenity Vivid View 360° Aquarium is 3 gallons of beauty for your finned friends. It uses magnetic induction to give you a beautiful panoramic view of your pets’ underwater world without unsightly extra cords or additional attachments.

Why go through the bother of picking out, setting up, watering and then having to clean up after a Christmas tree when you can turn your guinea pig into one? The Merry & Bright™ Guinea Pig Christmas Tree Costume is adorable, easy to slip on and off, adjustable and comfortable. It’s also another example of how PetSmart doesn’t just cater to the bigger, usual pets but also has fun finds for all the creatures we love, no matter how small.


Finally, when all the presents have been unwrapped and everyone’s going to need a little nap to recharge after all the fun, your pet’s going to be no exception. Why not let them snuggle into a brand-new pet bed? And what better look than a Merry & Bright™ Holiday Tree Hut Pet Bed, with its removable pillow, walk-in entrance and a design that reminds you that the best thing you’ll find under the Christmas tree this year is your best friend.