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Winter’s all about snow angels, sledding down hills and, best of all, getting all cozy inside while Mother Nature turns everything into Popsicles outside. And considering that it’s 2020, when staying inside is pretty much the only practical option for many of us, you’re going to start looking seriously at maximizing the part of the equation where you’re getting cozy.

And it doesn’t get any cozier than Bearaby.

No, it has nothing to do with bears…or babies…or baby bears. Bearaby’s collection of high-quality weighted blankets are handmade using sustainable materials; they’re kind of like getting a hug from an eco-conscious Santa Claus. And who couldn’t use a hug like that in 2020?

Medical science has shown that weighted blankets help you get better, deeper sleep. It works by stimulating the parts of your brain that produce serotonin, the hormone that helps stabilize your moods and make you content and happy. It also reduces cortisol, the so-called “fight or flight” hormone that helps your body respond to danger but is also associated with stress responses. And it increases melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating your sleep cycles and getting you to snooze (and stay snoozing) in the first place. The overall result? Your sleep will be more rewarding, and you’ll wake up with more energy and in a better mood.

Bearaby weighted blankets use that science and package it in a luxuriantly soft, guilt-free sustainable wrapping. Its award-winning designs use an open weave that simulates a deep-pressure touch without making you feel weighted down or smothered — kind of like you’re initiating a gentle hug with your favorite pet or person. They’re all hand-knitted and never include plastic or glass beads. Plus, they’re washing machine- and dryer-friendly — and shipping is free!

The Cotton Napper blanket comes in three weights: 15 pounds, 20 pounds and 25 pounds, not to mention three different styles. This original, ever-popular, knitted weighted blanket is made from a prewashed long-staple cotton that’s Fair Trade Certified, organic, sustainable and healthy for both human health and the environment. It’s breathable and fully biodegradable and was farmed using methods that use 85% less water than traditional methods. It’s also free from pesticides and artificial softeners. This hand-knit blanket comes in nine different colors and ranges from 40 inches by 72 inches to 48 inches by 72 inches.

The Velvet Napper is made from recycled marine plastic, which means that every time you snuggle under this blanket, you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve helped 900 plastic bottles from clogging up the Earth’s oceans. It’s Fair Trade Certified and verified as healthy for humans and the environment, and it comes in five colors. It’s handmade and available in the same sizes as the Cotton Napper.

The Tree Napper is made from natural eucalyptus fibers, which makes it naturally cool and wicks away moisture. This is a great choice for people who tend to run hot when they sleep. The eucalyptus is chemical fertilizer-free, doesn’t use irrigation and is also Fair Trade Certified, healthy and environmentally safe. It’s guaranteed to have come from responsibly managed forests. The Tree Napper blankets are handmade and come in five different colors and the same range of sizes as the Cotton and Velvet Nappers.

Finally, Bearaby also has a huggable blankie for little ones: The Nappling comes in an 8-pound weight, is available in four different colors and is made from the same organic and sustainable cotton as the adult Cotton Napper.