Pranav Lal, the blind photographer who sees differently

Published 9:11 PM ET, Sun November 29, 2020
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Blind photographer Pranav Lal captured this image of his shadow in a swimming pool. He uses "The vOICe" audio technology to see. It converts vision into sounds. courtesy Pranav Lal
Lal began taking photographs in the early 2000s. courtesy Pranav Lal
A bicycle installation hangs on a museum wall. "Most of my work is with light, shadow and shape," says Lal. courtesy Pranav Lal
An Indian street scene photographed by Lal. courtesy Pranav Lal
These days Lal mostly uses a smartphone, lining up the phone's camera with the field of view of a camera in his smart glasses. courtesy Pranav Lal
A riverside scene shot by Lal. "I think there is a lot of enhancement possible," he says of the technology that allows him to see. "I think we can go beyond organic vision, perhaps, or at least use other kinds of sensors to substitute for organic vision." courtesy Pranav Lal