Alone for the holidays? Here's how to find joy in the solitude

Updated 1:23 PM ET, Mon November 23, 2020

(CNN)'Tis the season to stay home and stay safe. That means no more raucous get-togethers with extended family, being relegated to the kids' table or figuring out how to politely decline Grandma's fruitcake.

We know spending the holidays on our own will keep our loved ones healthy. That doesn't make it any easier.
But there's joy to be found in solitude. We spoke to experts in stress and connection who told us how to navigate the complicated emotions around spending the holidays alone. It may not be easy or ideal, but we humans are capable of withstanding more than we know, including lonely holidays.

Embrace your feelings

First -- the holidays will feel different this year. And whether spending them on your own brings up grief, relief or something you didn't expect, you should lean into those emotions. It's healthy to feel them rather than shove them back down.
But leaning too deeply into the negativity can ground you in it for longer than you'd like.