New Zealand has just elected one of the most diverse parliaments in the world. Here's how it stacks up

Updated 10:34 PM ET, Mon November 16, 2020

(CNN)As two older, White, male candidates fought for supremacy in the United States election, New Zealand was offering its electorate a more progressive choice: two White women.

But in New Zealand, that was just the start.
When Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was reelected in a landslide last month, she brought with her a diverse cast of politicians that make up what is -- by some measures -- the most inclusive parliament in the world.
Almost half of New Zealand's newly sworn-in Parliament are women and 11% are LGBTQ. Both New Zealand's Indigenous Māori and people with Pacific Island heritage are represented at a slightly higher rate than in the general population.
Politicians from diverse backgrounds aren't just making up numbers in Parliament -- they're in key positions of power.
Eight of Ardern's