6 recipes for plant-based comfort foods

By Lisa Drayer, CNN

Published 3:41 AM ET, Fri November 6, 2020
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This DIY grain burger has it all: Mushrooms, brown rice, lentils, and walnuts make for a healthful powerhouse. Courtesy Lisa Drayer
In this shepherd's pie, sweet potatoes and lentils are the main event. What's more, the walnuts in this hearty dish provide a hit of omega-3 fatty acids. Courtesy Lisa Drayer
These crispy cauliflower tots, made with protein-rich chickpeas, feature everything bagel seasoning. Yes, please. Courtesy Lisa Drayer
The bright citrus flavor of this lemon asparagus pasta pairs well with the creamy sauce. And the asparagus is a good source of mood-boosting folate. Courtesy Lisa Drayer
In these zucchini lasagna roll-ups, the green squash slices that star as "noodles" are packed with vitamin C. Courtesy Lisa Drayer
Be sure to make enough of these flavorful maple-roasted Brussels sprouts, made with shiitake mushrooms instead of bacon -- this dish is a crowd-pleaser. Courtesy Lisa Drayer