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On November 3, Americans will choose a president, senators, representatives, governors, and a host of local officials. To help you follow the races that are most important to you and your community, we developed a tool called My Election.

My Election allows you to select races to follow prior to election night. When results begin to come in on November 3, the races you’ve selected will be conveniently available in the My Election drawer, which can be opened anywhere in CNN’s Election Center.

How to get started

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1. Go to the CNN Election Center and open My Election.

2. Create or sign in to your CNN account so you can save races you follow. Learn more about data privacy.

3. Search for a race by typing a candidate’s name, a state, or a type of race such as “president”, “senate”, or “house.” Then, click “Follow” to save that race.

4. On election night you’ll be able to discover and follow races from all over CNN’s website and Election Center.

5. Once results begin to come in, your saved races will automatically update.

6. Not sure which races to follow? CNN Collections offer suggestions from CNN’s top political anchors, analysts and contributors. Select “Follow” to instantly add that collection’s races to your list of favorites with one click. We’ll automatically ignore any races that you’ve already followed.

CNN Collections

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Not sure what races to follow? We’ve asked CNN’s top political anchors, analysts and contributors to recommend the races they think are most important to watch. We’ve grouped their recommendations into CNN Collections – lists of races that you can add to your favorites with one click.

You can find the races they will be watching below.

CNN Lead Political Anchor Wolf Blitzer

  • Presidential races: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin
  • Senate races: Arizona, Maine, South Carolina

CNN Anchor and Chief National Correspondent John King

  • Presidential races: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas
  • Senate races: Iowa, Maine, Montana
  • House races: Ohio 1, Oklahoma 5, Texas 21

CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper

  • Presidential races: Georgia, Pennsylvania
  • Senate races: Iowa, North Carolina
  • House races: Minnesota 7, New Jersey 2
  • Gubernatorial races: Montana

CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash

  • Presidential races: Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania
  • Senate: Arizona, Maine, Michigan, South Carolina
  • House: Virginia 2, Michigan 8, Oklahoma 5

CNN Political Correspondent Abby Phillip

  • Presidential races: Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania
  • Senate races: Arizona, Georgia Special, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina
  • House races: Iowa 1, Minnesota 7
  • Gubernatorial races: North Carolina

CNN Political Director David Chalian

  • Presidential races: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania
  • Senate races: Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina
  • House races: Arkansas 2, Indiana 5, Nebraska 2, New York 11, Oklahoma 5

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger

  • Presidential races: Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
  • Senate races: Alaska, Georgia, Georgia Special, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina

CNN Senior Political Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson

  • Senate: Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina
  • House: Arkansas 2, Georgia 6, New Jersey 2, South Carolina 1

CNN Political Commentator Van Jones

  • Presidential races: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
  • Senate races: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, South Carolina
  • House races: Alaska at large, Florida 15, Florida 26, Michigan 3, Minnesota 2, Montana at large, Pennsylvania 10, Texas 3, Texas 10, Texas 21, Texas 22, Texas 23, Texas 24

CNN Senior Political Commentator David Axelrod

  • Presidential races: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina
  • Senate races: Iowa, North Carolina
  • House races: Virginia 2, Virginia 5, Virginia 7
  • Gubernatorial races: Montana

CNN Senior Political Commentator Rick Santorum

  • Presidential Races: Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania
  • Senate races: Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina
  • House races: New York 1, New York 11, Oklahoma 5, Pennsylvania 1, Pennsylvania 4, Pennsylvania 17
  • Gubernatorial races: North Carolina


What kinds of races can I follow?

You can follow any state’s presidential, Senate, House, or governor races.

How do I add races to My Election?

There are several ways to discover and follow races:

  • Search for and follow a race within the My Election drawer
  • Follow a CNN Collection of recommended races from CNN experts
  • On election night, you’ll see races featured across CNN – on the CNN home page, in CNN articles, and throughout the CNN Election Center. Look for a “Follow” button to save that race!

How do I remove races from My Election?

Once you’ve followed a race, the “Follow” button will change to say “Following”. Clicking this button again, or tapping it on mobile devices, will remove the race from your list.

Does My Election work on mobile devices?

Absolutely! You’ll be able to follow races and collections on your mobile device, and access My Election on your mobile phone using a smaller button in the lower right corner of the screen anywhere in CNN’s Election Center.

Why do I need to create a CNN account in order to use My Election?

Your CNN account allows us to both save the races you follow, and show those races in My Election from any browser or mobile device into which you’ve signed in with your CNN credentials.

Is my personal information safe if I create a CNN account?

CNN takes the security and privacy of your personal information very seriously. For more information about how your personal data is stored and used, please refer to our privacy policy.