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We don’t need to tell you that this is a year we’ve all learned more than ever about killing bacteria and viruses. Yet even though we all wash our hands for two “Happy Birthdays,” most of us don’t hesitate for a moment to basically rub our faces all over the germiest single thing we own: our phones. You know, the things we’re on all the time now because we can’t actually see our friends in person anymore.

But even though we know you’re being responsible and doing what you can to minimize the risks to you and your family, you can now reduce those risks even further. Even before the word “pandemic” became more than the answer to a trivia question, PhoneSoap was perfecting harnessing ultraviolet rays to disinfect more effectively than wipes and sprays, and now its technology is more important — and affordable — than ever this holiday season. So, PhoneSoap is offering you and your loved ones 20% off + free shipping sitewide with code HOLIDAY20.


The way most PhoneSoap disinfecting products work is by using powerful UV-C light to break apart the DNA in microscopic contaminants like bacteria, essentially disintegrating 99.99% of household germs and zapping away the bad stuff with the power of the unfiltered sun. With its phone- and tablet-disinfecting products, the UV rays work all over the surfaces of your devices, scouring out germs inside crevices and across anything that your hand or face could come in contact with. (This is where we feel obliged to mention that your cell phone has, on average, 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom.)

PhoneSoap products range from as little as $79.95 for the standard model, the PhoneSoap 3, to $119.95 for the PhoneSoap Pro, which fits larger mobile phones and cuts the length of the sanitizing process in half with twice the number of UV bulbs. (PhoneSoap’s bulbs come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacement bulbs.) Besides their primary disinfection function, they both can act as universal chargers via their USB-A and USB-C ports.


At $199.95, the HomeSoap has a big enough bay to disinfect your tablets and other truly big devices, like your notebook computers. Plus, you can fit your kids’ toys and pacifiers, your gloves, masks, TV remotes, headphones, Nintendo Switches, various utensils and other essential knickknacks in there for extra peace of mind.

For those on-the-go types, there’s the PhoneSoap Go, which you can charge up ahead of time to make sure your cell phone is as clean as it would be at home, no matter where you are. It can hold up to 45 sanitizing cycles and can double as a USB power bank with up to four full phone charges. If you’re going to be lucky enough to make it home for the holidays this year, this is a no-brainer for keeping everyone a little extra safe.


And then there’s the AirSoap, PhoneSoap’s revolutionary air purifier, with its patented Electric Wind Technology, for $399.99. It will keep a room of up to 400 square feet safer than standard air HEPA air filters (which can only capture particles down to 300 nanometers), doesn’t require you to keeping buying replacement filters (meaning the AirSoap is a lot cheaper in the long run) and is quiet enough to keep in your baby’s bedroom.