Sony A8H
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Sony A8H
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Our best luxury TV pick, Sony’s A8H, is a stellar OLED television that offers a true-to-OLED experience with vibrant colors and deep contrast points. Better yet, the 65-inch model is $700 or $500 off at both B&H Photo Video (today only) and Amazon, respectively.

With this TV, you’re getting an ultra-thin OLED panel; the A8H is just a few millimeters thick, and the screen is basically bezel-less. The picture truly stretches edge to edge, and the quality is hyperrealistic. If a portion of the screen is supposed to be dark as night, the A8H can make that happen while also properly re-creating the rest of the content.

And yes, as all TVs in 2020 should, the A8H features 4K resolution. It will even upscale your non-4K content while protecting colors and eliminating extra fuzziness on the screen. It also runs Android TV, providing you access to a ton of streaming services all with one remote.

So act fast and score an epic home entertainment upgrade with the Sony A8H while the price is so low. Once you make the switch to OLED, you won’t regret it. And for more great deals, check out CNN Coupons.