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The internet really has opened up a whole new world. Literally. Anytime you open up your laptop, you have an entire globe’s worth of information at your fingertips. Calling upon the expertise of someone in, say, Shanghai or Nairobi is as easy as — easier than, actually — running over to your know-it-all neighbor’s house down the block in Muncie, Indiana. But having the whole world at your fingertips has also opened up the darker side of the internet: the fact that security threats have become truly global as well.

Trend Micro matches those threats by being a truly global tech company with its finger on the pulse of the global security cyberthreat. With headquarters in both Tokyo, Japan, and the Silicon Prairie of Texas, Trend Micro has built an industry-leading reputation as the go-to resource for ensuring networks, cloud and sensitive data are all super safe. It’s worked with everyone from Microsoft to Amazon, Google to Interpol. Heck, it’s even the company that Panasonic trusts to save customers’ lives, partnering with Trend Micro to create hackproof electronic systems for automatic cars.

But Trend Micro offers services for the individual Mac or PC user too. Noteworthy among them is Cleaner One Pro, the premium version of its Cleaner One all-in-one utility, cleaning up your disks and keeping your systems running at maximum efficiency — as well, of course, as keeping cyberthreats at bay. Memory optimization, disk cleaning, system monitoring and app management mean making your computer feel like new again.

Trend Micro

From its easy-to-use, highly visual interface, you’ll be able to check on which applications are stressing your computer’s CPU, get rid of junk files without having to jump through hoops, get specifics on your Wi-Fi connections and upload/download speeds and more, all with a single click. The Cleaner One Pro algorithms figure out what you really need to keep, what you probably want to keep and what you won’t even miss, like duplicate or unused and unnecessary files. You don’t even have to do anything to free up your RAM in critical moments — it’ll take care of that automatically on its own. Most importantly, it’ll regularly scan everything on your computer and eliminate dangerous files while warning you when there’s a potential issue looming.

Cleaner One Pro also offers services you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else, like eliminating not only duplicate photos but photos that are similar to better ones you want to keep, saving you all that valuable storage space photos can hog.

Of course, that’s just one of the products Trend Micro offers. The newest addition to its solutions is the recently launched Premium Security Suite. The suite offers an all-encompassing cybersecurity portfolio that shields your computers, mobile phones and tablets by utilizing tools such as a secure VPN, constant dark-web monitoring, password management and more. Naturally, it’s perpetually updated to protect your devices from viruses, malware, phishing attacks, fishy sites and more.

It’s time to find some peace of mind and protect yourself from ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. Lock up all your devices today with Trend Micro.