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If you don’t happen to be a millionaire with a personal style consultant, you have to take your fashion cues from the friends whose taste you trust, people you admire and the places you shop. The problem is, you rarely see all three align, meaning you usually end up having to take a leap of faith when you’re updating your look.

But thanks to Boohoo’s latest collaboration with the Hembrow sisters, you get the best of all three worlds starting this month.

That’s right: Boohoo — the global online fashion store trusted by millions of the best-dressed people on the planet, including your most stylish friends — is going in for a second partnership with one of the hottest names in fashion and social media. Or in this case, four of the hottest names: Tammy, Emilee, Starlette and Amy Hembrow, sometimes referred to as the “Kardashians of Australia.” With a social media empire of 13 million followers, much-admired good taste and widely recognized instincts for style, the Hembrows are also celebrated for promoting an inclusive take on fashion. They stand against body shaming and declare that everyone has a right to look good, no matter what body they were born with.

“Boohoo has always celebrated women of all shapes and sizes, and embraces making them feel both confident and stylish,” the sisters said in a press release. “This is something we absolutely stand by; we are all sisters and have so much in common, but our bodies are unique and beautiful in their own way.”

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Launching October 14 and featuring 58 gorgeous items from $5 to $60, the new capsule line, Boohoo’s second with the Hembrows, has something for everyone. In fact, that was the point — the sizes range from UK sizes 6 to 18 (US extra small to large). Leisurewear that wouldn’t be out of place either at the gym or at the office? Got it. The kind of minidresses that never seem to go out of style? Of course! Fitted-silhouette jumpsuits, chunky gold necklaces and fun sneakers? Yes, yes and yes. And if you happen to be in, or going to, a part of the world that will be experiencing summer soon — or if you just feel like turning a fall or winter week into a summer-themed staycation — you’ve got your choice of cooler-than-cool sunglasses, mix-and-matchable swimwear and more fashion-forward fun.

There’s also plenty of tie-dyes, checks and marble prints across a distinctive palette of neutrals, pinks and blues, a particular Hembrow favorite: “Pastels, in particular lilac along with tie-dye — it is sticking around,” they said.

Boohoo was founded in 2006 in Manchester, England. It’s a fashion e-commerce brand that embraces inclusion, body positivity and style without judgment, and it helps 8 million of the world’s smart young women and men keep themselves looking modish in high-quality outfits without emptying their wallets. The brand’s core philosophy: Your dream look should be affordable — and you should be able to have fun without drama. In other words, it’s the perfect partnership for those who believe in inclusivity, like the Hembrows.