NY Philharmonic cancels entire concert season for the first time in its 178-year history

The New York Philharmonic canceled its entire 2020-21 season due to the pandemic.

(CNN)The New York Philharmonic is making a "dreadful" move for the first time in its 178-year history: canceling its entire season.

The symphony orchestra announced Tuesday that it is canceling the rest of its 2020-21 season through June 13, 2021, citing mandatory state and city government health regulations during the pandemic. The symphony closed its doors in March when the pandemic began to surge in New York City.
There will be no live, indoor concerts as the organization had hoped, according to a statement from President and CEO Deborah Borda that cited "deep regret" for the cancellation.
      "In the 178-year history of our institution, the cancellation of an entire season marks a historic first, and a dreadful one at that," according to the statement. "If you are disappointed, please know how devastated we all are by this turn of events. The health and financial challenges, indeed the experiential challenges we all face, are profound.
        "But the Philharmonic didn't survive and indeed flourish for nearly two centuries by giving up, so we won't now! We are energetically working to bring you and all New Yorkers live music experiences with NY Phil Bandwagon, which I'm delighted to report will resume by popular demand in the spring."
          The NY Phil Bandwagon is a series of free pop-up concerts at announced locations around New York City.
          The symphony is developing an expanded live streaming series to be launched in the winter, if allowed by Covid-19 restrictions, and hopes to announce that soon, according to the statement.
          "We cannot wait to be reunited with you, our audience, and we look forward to sharing that magical moment when you hear the very first downbeat of a New York Philharmonic concert," Borda said. "On behalf of our musicians and Jaap, here's to you, to music, and to humanity!"
          Jaap van Zweden is the Philharmonic's director.
            Borda said the Philharmonic will issue an update soon about the planned renovation of David Geffen Hall, its famed concert hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
            The Philharmonic's 2021-22 season will be announced in the spring of 2021, Borda said.