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Of all the different types of clothing and accessories you wear, your bra is one piece that just has to fit right. As a foundational garment, bras affect how all other clothes look and feel. They have a significant impact on your comfort, your posture and even your mood. Anyone who has experienced a band that’s too snug, straps that fall down or overflowing cups knows how important it is to get the perfect fit. But how can you do that if you don’t have the time or opportunity to attend an in-person bra fitting?

The Canadian underwear brand Knix has stores in Toronto, Vancouver and through concessions in Nordstrom Canada but sells the majority of its inventory online. Teaching people how to measure themselves at home is becoming part of its business model.

Knix’s unique bra sizes


Knix bras come in numerical sizes from 1 through 8+, which is quite a change for those used to the traditional letter and number system; this range caters to the equivalent of a 30A to 42G in traditional sizes. If you are confident about the size and fit of your current bra, use Knix’s handy chart to convert your bra size and find out what number to order. For example, if you currently wear a 34A, you’ll need to order a size 1, or if you’re a 38D, you’ll need to choose size number 5.

Try a virtual bra fitting

Knix has a new service for those looking for a little more guidance in their bra-measuring experience. Book a virtual fitting and you’ll meet with a knowledgeable consultant over video conferencing where you’ll be talked through the whole process.

Appointments are available at regular intervals each day and take 20 minutes on average. Ahead of your appointment, you’ll need to have a soft tape measure, or a length of ribbon and a tape measure or ruler.

Knix is a forward-thinking and inclusive company, and this is reflected in its pre-appointment questions, which confirm your basic details, including the pronouns you use. You’ll also be asked for your current bra size, the type of bras you wear most often and whether you prefer padding.

You’ll wear a bra and a formfitting T-shirt during the one-on-one appointment, and the consultant will guide you through the process of taking your measurements. The staff can also advise you on the style of bra to best suit you and on other products, like Knix’s leakproof, postpartum or regular underwear.

Top-selling bras from Knix


Knix bras are designed with all-day comfort in mind and are made from nylon or spandex in a seamless style that moulds to the body.

The Knix Evolution bra offers medium support and is famously wire-free. Known for their versatility, these bras are reversible, allowing you to have two different colours in one product. This is particularly useful when travelling, as you can stash just one or two bras in your case, give the quick-drying fabric a speedy rinse before bed and have a totally different look the next day. The straps detach and can be crossed to wear as a racerback style.

Knix bras can feel a little snug when you first receive them due to the four-way stretch fabric, but the material moulds to your unique shape and will give a little after the first few wears.

Priced at an affordable $68, this bra (which can also be purchased through Sezzle for four interest-free payments over six months) is available in black and beige, beige and grey heather or limited-edition patterns that change fairly regularly.

For those who prefer a more structured shape, Knix presents its WingWoman Contour Bra ($72). Featuring moulded foam cups and wide side panels to smooth your shape, this bra has a deep plunging neckline. Available in five nude shades, or black and grey, this wireless bra offers medium support and light padding and is the perfect option for wearing underneath T-shirts or sheer shirts.

If you love colour, take a look at the Padded V-Neck Bra ($68), which comes in a vibrant plum sky purple hue or a patterned version in the same colour palette. Also available in beige and black, this bra has thinner straps and removable cups, making it ideal to wear under strappy dresses or tank tops.

The Infinity Bra ($72) is available in a beautiful violet dusk colour or classic black. This moulded-cup bra is suitable for those with an A or B cup in traditional sizes and has been specially designed for smaller bust sizes.

If you crave even more comfort without any closures or hardware at all, you may want to choose the one-piece LuxeLift Pullover Bra ($65), which offers medium support. Available in a soft pink colour and violet, beige or black, it’s advertised as Knix’s most comfortable bra and also features removable cups for added structure. Suitable for everyday wear or for yoga, this is a great choice for low-impact exercise as well.

The Catalyst Sports Bra ($98) is the perfect choice for active people and outperformed 800 other bras when put to the fitness test for support and stability. This bra can fit up to a G cup and significantly reduces breast movement during exercise. Offering a high level of support, it’s available in black, berry, white, eclipse and green as well as a fun and funky limited-edition indigo tie-dye print.

Try the Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra ($98) for an even easier-to-remove bra after your next sweat session. The crossback straps allow for greater adjustability for the perfect fit when working out.

How to care for your bra


All Knix bras are incredibly easy to care for: Simply pop them in the laundry bag provided and wash in cold water with a mild detergent, then lay flat to dry.

Knix bras also come with a 30-day wear and return or exchange promise. If for any reason you are not happy with the fit or style, you can return the product for a replacement.

Although the brand is known for its super-comfortable bras, Knix actually started out making leakproof underwear, which is still a popular line with customers.

Knix’s Leakproof Underwear Kits (starting at $119) include two pairs of Super Leakproof Underwear, which offer the same amount of protection and absorbency as eight regular tampons. You’ll also get two pairs of Leakproof Underwear, which are perfect for a lighter flow and one pair of Dream Shorts, sleepwear designed for overnight period protection.

Knix also has lounge and sleepwear for sale and seasonal or occasional items like swimwear and face masks.

If you decide to try a Knix bra, don’t forget to sign up for the brand’s referral program — where if you introduce a friend you both get $15 off your purchase.

Knix’s virtual bra fitting is a simple solution for making online bra shopping even easier and ensuring you get the perfect fit.