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Days after leaving the hospital where he was treated for coronavirus, President Donald Trump is embarking on a comeback tour of sorts on his favorite network: Fox News.

On Thursday and Friday, Trump was on three different Fox News shows and two right-leaning radio shows (one of which is hosted by Fox News’ Mark Levin). In total, he racked up approximately four hours of free airtime, which in turn produced an “echo” since the outlets repeat his talking points without much fact checking.

In one notable segment Friday, Trump appeared with Fox’s Dr. Marc Siegel, who gave the president a bizarre medical assessment.

“It sounded like something … that you would see an authoritarian do on a state-run television network out in some other country,” remarked CNN’s Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy on this week’s Reliable Sources.

Darcy blasted Levin for asking “softball questions,” adding that Fox is “producing propaganda.” He also said that Fox has “totally different standards for Democrats and Republicans, and they produce propaganda on behalf of this White House.”

Darcy noted that NBC’s Savannah Guthrie might host a town hall event with Trump on Thursday, which will go head-to-head with Joe Biden’s town hall on ABC. This is all because Trump backed out of the planned debate between the two that was originally scheduled for Thursday.

“He’s going to get maybe 10 million people on NBC’s town hall. He could’ve been in front of 60 million people right before the election,” Darcy said. “This is something he needs to change the state of the race.”