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It took a prompt from Ryan Seacrest to reveal Kristin Cavallari is in the process of changing her legal name.

The reality star and author appeared virtually “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” and Seacrest told her every time she spoke her name popped up on screen as Kristin Cutler. Cavallari and her estranged husband Jay Cutler filed for divorce in April.

She said no one had told her that before, and while Cutler is “technically” still her name, she’s working on dropping it.

“Oh my God I didn’t even notice that,” Cavallari said. “Technically, I’m still Cutler. Working on that.”

Cavallari even grabbed a pen and paper, telling Seacrest, she’s “literally gonna take a note right now to change it.”

“Every time you talk it comes up,” Seacrest added.

“You’re the first person who’s said that! Thank you for pointing that out! I appreciate it,” Cavallari laughed.

Seacrest also asked about her divorce from Cutler, with Cavallari explaining the two grew apart.

“Clearly I don’t [know],” Cavalarri said. “I heard one time that you never really grow together. It’s more like one person grows a little bit and then the other person catches up and then that person might grow and then that person catches up, you’re never just, like, along together.”

She added: “But I guess it boils down to can the other person catch up in time? I don’t know. I wish I had that answer. I probably wouldn’t be getting a divorce if I did.”

Cavallari and Cutler married in 2013 and share three children together.