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We all remember the first few weeks of the pandemic when people hoarded absurd amounts of toilet paper, which naturally led to the skyrocketing of bidet sales. People across the country were looking for new ways to wipe, because a quick run to the supermarket wasn’t quite as simple as it used to be.

Thankfully, there are a number of toilet paper brands that have embraced the popularity of subscription services and will deliver rolls right to your door. Subscription services such as coffee delivery, clothing delivery and even meat delivery have gained more and more traction in recent years, and now with many people staying at home, these services can play an even bigger role in the new way we live our lives.

So whether you want to limit your trips outside as much as possible or you’ve recently discovered the superior convenience of subscription services and never want to go back, we’ve rounded up some of the internet’s best and most popular toilet paper subscriptions for your convenience. No more lugging giant packages of toilet paper from your car or carrying it up flights of stairs to your fourth-floor walk-up.

Plus, many of these companies make sustainable and eco-friendly toilet paper, so you’ll actually be helping the planet by making the switch. Read on to find the perfect delivery service to wipe all your toilet paper worries away.

Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap
PHOTO: Who Gives A Crap
Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap is a delivery service that will not only send toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and tissue boxes to your door, it also has a major focus on sustainability. All of its paper products are made with forest-friendly materials, such as bamboo, recycled paper and sugarcane, which means zero trees are cut down so you can wipe your butt. Who Gives a Crap is also a Certified B Corporation, meaning it “meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.”

Who Gives a Crap offers two types of toilet paper: a standard recycled toilet paper, which is made from recycled books and office paper, and a premium toilet paper, which is made from 100% bamboo. Both are void of any inks or dyes and are packaged in colorful and fun wrappers (which are also recyclable).

The standard recycled rolls are priced at $30 for a 24-pack or $48 for a 48-pack. The premium bamboo variety is a bit more expensive at $34 for a 24-pack and $52 for a 48-pack. You can make a one-time purchase of the rolls or subscribe to Who Gives a Crap’s subscription service and get your order automatically delivered every eight, 12 or 16 weeks. Don’t worry — the website helps you choose which size you should get based on how many people are wiping. The best part about buying from Who Gives a Crap is that the company donates 50% of its profits to build toilets for communities in need around the world.

Start giving a crap about where you get your toilet paper and check out all of Who Gives a Crap’s offerings here.


Tushy TP
PHOTO: Tushy
Tushy TP

You may have heard of Tushy because of its fantastically simple bidet, which was one of our favorite pandemic purchases. However, even if you use a bidet, you’ll still need to use toilet paper (just a lot less of it) — and for that reason, Tushy created its own sustainable toilet paper made from 100% unbleached, BPA-free bamboo.

Tuhsy’s Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is a three-ply roll that comes in a recyclable floral wrapping, so you can use your extra stock to decorate, plus it’s packaged without any plastic. You can order a box of 36 rolls for $69 or subscribe in one-, two-, three- or four-month intervals and save $10 on each order. If you do subscribe, you can save even more with free shipping, but if you end up finding Tushy’s toilet paper isn’t the one for you, no worries — you can cancel anytime.



Reel is another sustainability-centered toilet paper company with yet another option for 100% bamboo paper. Made with no dyes, no inks and no BPA, Reel’s toilet paper checks off all the eco-friendly boxes — even the packaging is sustainable. Each shipment includes 24 rolls and costs $29.99 for a one-time purchase. If you subscribe, the cost stays the same, but Reel will automatically deliver your box every four, eight or 12 weeks. Plus, you get free shipping if you live in the contiguous US and can cancel anytime before your next order is placed.

Similar to Who Gives a Crap, Reel uses its profits to do good. It partners with Soil, a nonprofit research and development organization that provides toilets and removes waste from communities in Haiti.

So if you want to feel good about where your money is going and what your toilet paper is made of, Reel is one of the best options out there.

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative
PHOTO: Grove Collaborative
Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a flexible recurring shipment service that sends you sustainable products that meet its own strict standards. This includes various brands of toilet paper, including Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue (plus an unbleached variety) and Grove’s own Seedling 100% bamboo toilet paper.

Grove Collaborative isn’t a traditional subscription service; it creates a personalized monthly shipment after your first order, sending you a restock of products whenever you need them. Grove will automatically fill your cart with products, but you can completely control how often you get each item, so if Grove thinks you’re running short on toilet paper but you still have some left, you can always hold off or edit your next shipment.

Since Grove is all about being eco-friendly, it’s put in place order minimums to reduce the emissions produced from the shipping process. Instead of buying a few items here and there, Grove encourages you to buy in bulk so they only have to send you items once a month (they also purchase carbon offsets for every shipment). The order minimums are $30 for all first orders, $25 for all auto-shipments and $39 for “Ship Now” orders.

Though the deliveries default at once per month, you get total control and can skip or edit your shipment at any time. By sending you more sustainable products, Grove Collaborative aims to create healthy habits that are better for you and the planet.

If you want to switch more than just your toilet paper to a more sustainable option and try out some environmentally friendly cleaning products or personal care goods, Grove Collaborative is an easy way to fill your household with greener options.


Scott toilet paper
PHOTO: Amazon
Scott toilet paper

If you’re not keen on trying eco-friendly toilet paper and just want an easier way to get your favorite brands, that’s fine too. Amazon has many traditional options that you can get delivered right to your door. Popular brands such as Cottonelle, Quilted Northern and Scott can be automatically shipped to you periodically, anywhere from every two weeks to once every six months. Amazon will also send you a reminder before your next delivery so you can skip or cancel if you need to.

By subscribing, you automatically save 5% off the toilet paper’s original price; however, you can save 15% when you receive five or more products in one auto-delivery to one address. Check out all the toilet papers you can get sent to you through Amazon here, or check out our favorites below.

  • Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Family Mega Roll Toilet Paper, 24-Count ($23.92 when you subscribe; amazon.com)
  • Presto! Ultra-Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper, 24-Count ($21.14 when you subscribe; amazon.com)
  • Quilted Northern Ultra-Plush Supreme Roll Toilet Paper, 24-Count ($27.42 when you subscribe; amazon.com)
  • Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper, 2 Packs of 24 Rolls ($26.20 when you subscribe; amazon.com)
  • Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 30-Count ($18.99 when you subscribe; amazon.com)
  • Scott 1,000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper, 4 Packs of 8 Rolls ($27.70 when you subscribe; amazon.com)