Protesters gather outside the US Department of Justice after Wednesday's decision in the Breonna Taylor case.

Black Americans are #sickandtired of the lack of justice for police killings. The Breonna Taylor decision is yet another disappointment

Updated 5:00 AM ET, Sun September 27, 2020

(CNN)The news that the officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor wouldn't be charged in her death didn't come as a surprise to many Black Americans -- the state of emergency and boarded up buildings in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, combined with hundreds of years of history, were strong clues that she would not get the justice they were demanding.

That didn't make the announcement any easier to take.
"This was not a surprise for us, and that's the problem," said Ashlee Phillips, a 28-year-old businesswoman who just opened her own thrift shop in Louisville. "We may say 'we're not surprised,' but that doesn't mean that it's not traumatic."
Thousands of Black Americans are voicing their frustration, anger and angst on social media with the tag #sickandtired, which has come out several times this year after the controversial deaths of Black men and women. And they're sick and tired of having to use it.
Ashlee Phillips poses in her Louisville, Kentucky, thrift store with her daughter Braylee.
Phillips was born and raised in Louisville and says her city has been living Taylor's story since March 13, when the 26-year-old EMT and aspiring nurse was shot and killed in her apartment by police serving a no-knock warrant.