50 fun things to do in the fall (take your pick)

Updated 5:10 AM ET, Tue September 22, 2020

(CNN)As we head into autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and temperatures start to cool down, the pandemic can't change that it's still the season of leaves falling and light sweaters and jackets, with the morning and twilight feeling crisp but not too chilly. Not yet.

You can get really amazing ideas of what to do in the new season when you write down your list and ask your family members to do the same. It's a fun way to see what they're thinking, especially to see what's inside kids' heads — and maybe even try to get to 50 things. You can also be inspired by our list.
Here are 50 things to do in fall regardless of the pandemic.

Celebrate fall outside

Kids will enjoy getting lost inside a corn maze.
1. It's time to pick apples. Apples are in season over the next few weeks, and there are delicious varieties like Gala and Golden Delicious to be picked. We eat some right out of the bag and make applesauce and apple butter for the year ahead.
2. Get lost in a corn maze. Gather your bubble mates, pack some masks, visit a farm and do a corn maze. Have hot drinks and doughnuts after.
3. Hike through the woods. I know plenty of people have been hiking through the summer, but it can be too hot for that activity in the US South. Fall is the time to put on those hiking pants and explore nature preparing for winter, which leads us to the next fun event.
4. Watch the leaves change color. While New England fall foliage is rightly famous, many leaves all across North America change color, and there is amazing science behind it. Collect some fallen leaves and you're ready for the next project.
5. Build a bonfire. That way you can roast marshmallows and make s'mores. If your local fire codes don't allow it, local campsites have been known to rent out their fire pits.

Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos

Halloween doesn't have to be canceled.
6. Make your own costume. I usually end up with reindeer horns on my head for Halloween and call it a night. (Kids are much more creative.) This year, I have loads of cardboard in my house, markers, paint and tape and several ideas I am planning to discuss with my crew. (The First Amendment and an absentee ballot are running neck and neck.)
7. Make your own candy. I'm not talking about my usual combination of peanut butter and chocolate chips (highly recommended, however). Make fudge or peanut brittle or caramel apples. If you do it in advance, you can share the treats with neighbors and friends.
8. Halloween at home. Speaking of Halloween, trick-or-treating doesn't sound so safe this year, which is a huge bummer in my Halloween-destination neighborhood. Why not have a Halloween movie night with popcorn and already-made or purchased candy?
9. Host a best costume contest. Have an extended-family Zoom contest on who can make the best Halloween costume, and get extended family on Facebook to vote for the winner.
10. Honor your relatives. Put together an altar to honor loved ones who have passed during Dia de los Muertos (the Day of Dead) on November 1 and 2.

Look up into the night sky

A full (blue) moon rises over Almodovar del Rio Castle on March 31, 2018, in Spain.