PBS host Stephanie Mansour of "Step It Up With Steph" shares a routine that will help release tension headaches. Here she demonstrates a pose from the exercise bird of paradise with modifications.

Got a stress headache? This 5-minute routine brings relief

Updated 4:34 AM ET, Wed September 9, 2020

Think you don't have time for a workout? Join Stephanie Mansour for a five-part series of five-minute workouts to get moving again. This is Part V.

(CNN)Do you have a pounding headache from work and family stress at home?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that pandemics can be stressful and cause feelings of fear and anxiety. Couple the pandemic with being cooped up at home with family while working and kids home from school, and you may find yourself with a stress headache quite often.
More than nine in 10 adults will deal with headaches at some point in their lives, according to research. While stress can be to blame,