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Blink is expanding its line of home security cameras with two new offerings: the $79.99 Blink Indoor and $99.99 Blink Outdoor cameras. Both are up for preorder right now on Amazon and will ship by September 16. You get a lot in the box: the camera itself (of course), two AA batteries, a mounting kit, a USB cable and the Sync Module.

Classic Blink features

The indoor and outdoor cameras both record and can stream video at 1080p HD quality through a 110-degree view. Its wide angle will let you capture a large area. For instance, placing one in the corner of a room should get you a full view, and one on the side of your house looking at a driveway can spot multiple cars. You get a 30-frame-per-second rate from the lens. To aid with nighttime or low-lighting recording and streaming, both cameras feature infrared HD night vision.

The cameras keep the classic rounded square design. The Blink Indoor comes in white with a black front, and the Blink Outdoor features a black-on-black design. You’ll get a mount in the box that makes it easy to attach the camera to a wall — inside or outside — or you can just sit it upright, thanks to the square design with flat edges.


The difference between Indoor and Outdoor? Well, the Indoor is just for use indoors, in temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while the Outdoor can operate in temperatures from 4 below zero to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and is water-resistant, so it can survive outside in nearly all conditions.

The included AA batteries will just pop into the back and should power the camera for two years. Blink’s previous indoor and outdoor cameras met this margin easily. The batteries are a switch from the Blink Mini, the $35 security camera that we reviewed in April, which had to be plugged in.

Later this year, Blink will launch a battery expansion pack for both cameras that adds another set of AA batteries to the equation. This should double the battery life, so you’d ideally only have to put in new batteries every four years with normal use. This pack will cost $29.99 and will launch later this year.

Live view with two storage options


With Blink Indoor and Outdoor (as well as the full Blink line), there’s a cloud storage component. You get Live View out of the box on both of these. That was one of our biggest pain points with the Blink Mini. Similar to that camera, though, you’ll get 60 days of rolling video storage. Cloud storage is free through December 31, and if you stick with it, you’d start paying for it on January 1 at $3 per month for one camera or $10 a month for multiple cameras.

Of course, not everyone wants to pay for storage or wants their streams to be housed in the cloud. Blink recognizes this and is including the Sync Module, essentially a $34.99 mini server for clips and recordings. Blink supplies the hardware that connects with the app, and you plug in a USB flash drive to save recordings. It works with up to 10 cameras, and it’s a great value to have included in the box.

Let’s recap

Blink’s Indoor and Outdoor cameras represent the new entry point into the battery-powered camera line and bring with them the core features. Both Indoor and Outdoor are up for preorder now at $79.99 and $99.99, respectively. They will officially launch with deliveries on September 16.

Keep in mind you’re also getting the $34.99 Sync Module in the box with both of these, and buying multiple cameras will save you a bit of money.