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Jill Biden banded together with members of her family and the cast of Netflix’s “Queer Eye” during a virtual grassroots fundraiser Tuesday afternoon to encourage viewers to make their voices heard at the ballot box in November.

Tan France, the show’s fashion expert, delivered an emotional and personal plea, stressing the value of participating in the election.

“Don’t take this vote for granted,” he said. “If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the people you desperately care about. If you say that you love us ‘Queer Eye’ members, every one of us five is affected by the current administration, and Joe Biden and Kamala will make it easier for us.”

France, who became a US citizen in June, drew from his experience as an immigrant to rebuke President Donald Trump.

Expressing the pride he felt at finally becoming a citizen, France called it “incredibly frustrating” to see the President “denigrate immigrants.”

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“What I will be thinking when I’m voting is … first, oh gosh, I feel a bit emotional,” he began, pausing before collecting himself. “I’ll be thinking of the fact that I am a representative of so many things that have been so negatively portrayed over the last three and half years. … We want to be respected. Muslims want to be respected, people of color want to be respected, the Black community wants to be respected, gay people want to be respected, trans people want to be respected.”

One of the Bidens’ granddaughters, Finnegan, who often appeared on the campaign trail with Joe and Jill Biden during the primaries, made her pitch to young voters for not only her grandfather but also for Democrats running in local elections. Noting that she and her sister, Maisy, participated in the March on Washington last week, Finnegan argued that while it is important to protest, it is equally important to vote.

“Personally, not voting is enabling all of these things that we are begging to see change in. It’s just as bad as voting for Trump or voting for a third-party candidate. We have to vote, and we have to take it seriously,” she said.

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While the Democratic nominee is no longer underperforming in the youth demographic where Hillary Clinton ended up in the final 2016 poll, the latest data indicates that younger voters are less enthusiastic about casting ballots and say they are less certain to vote than older voters in November, which follows historical precedent.

“Vote, vote, vote,” said Finnegan Biden, a University of Pennsylvania student who just kicked off her senior year Tuesday. “We cannot just be on social media posting stories and posting Instagrams. We have to be making change and holding people accountable.”