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Swimmers have a frightening ocean encounter, teens make an ancient find, and a wedding joke has impeccable timing. These are the must-see videos of the week.

What lurks beneath

A US Coast Guard crew scrambled to get out of the water when a 6ft-8ft shark was spotted heading their way while they swam in Oceania.
A shark headed for swimmers. Watch what the Coast Guard did
01:13 - Source: CNN

A US Coast Guard crew received quite a shock off the coast of Fiji. Forty members of the crew were taking a swimming break near their ship when they were approached by a shark measuring between six and eight feet. After a petty officer fired shots in its vicinity, the shark swam away, apparently uninjured.

Legend in the making

Rocco Hole in One
See four-year-old hit a hole-in-one
01:03 - Source: CNN

Watch out, Tiger Woods, there’s a new golf star in town. Four-year-old Rocco nailed a hole-in-one on a par 3 course in West Virginia. Watch the viral moment above to see fantastic reactions from both Rocco and his father.

Buried treasure

Photos of the cache as found on the site
Teenagers dig up 1,100-year-old gold coin stash
01:13 - Source: CNN

Two teenagers volunteering on their summer break excavated a jar full of 425 gold coins in Israel. The coins, which are around 1,100 years old, are made out of 24 karat gold, and would have been enough to buy a luxury house a millennium ago. The site where the discovery was made is being converted into a new housing development.

Star actress shows off her moves

jennifer garner tiler peck dance 1
Jennifer Garner wows in dance duet with a ballerina
01:00 - Source: CNN

Actress Jennifer Garner is taking the internet by storm after posting a video of herself cutting a rug. The actress debuted a dance routine to “We Go Together” from the movie “Grease” along with professional ballet dancer Tiler Peck. Peck, who was featured in the 2018 documentary “Ballet Now,” has been unable to perform in theaters since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Rain on your wedding day

wedding lightning strike
Watch lightning strike as groom makes 2020 joke at wedding
01:06 - Source: CNN

A groom’s 2020 joke went over with a bang when lightning struck as he began reciting his vows with the bride. The event also featured heavy rain, but wrapped up on a happy note with sunshine and a rainbow. The groom said he believes the lightning strike is a good sign for him and his wife.