norm pattis confirms fotis dulos dead
Fotis Dulos declared dead, his attorney says
01:37 - Source: News 12 Connecticut
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Videos released Monday show Fotis Dulos disposing of evidence the day his estranged wife disappeared, an attorney for Dulos’ ex-girlfriend says.

The videos were released as part of a bail modification memorandum in the case against Michelle Troconis.

The videos include part of a police interrogation of Troconis from last August and surveillance videos that Troconis’ attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, alleges show Fotis Dulos disposing of evidence the day Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared amid a bitter child-custody battle. Her body has never been found.

The state’s attorney chose not to continue prosecuting the case against Fotis Dulos, who had been charged with murder, felony murder and kidnapping in connection with his missing wife. Fotis Dulos died from an apparent suicide in January.

Troconis pleaded not guilty in February to charges that she conspired to murder the mother of five. Her attorney is asking for the removal of Troconis’s ankle bracelet, the removal of all GPS monitoring, the termination of house arrest and the lifting of travel restrictions within the United States.

The filing comes days before a hearing for Troconis is set to take place.

The video also shows that Troconis never exited the pickup truck or assisted Dulos in “disposing of any items whatsoever,” as an August 2019 unsigned police report suggests, Schoenhorn said.

“It is apparent that the warrants contain several material allegations against the defendant that are either demonstrably false or recklessly disregard the truth,” the bail modification memo said. “Either way, the evidence against the defendant is substantially weaker than what the court was led to believe, which is one of the enumerated factors in setting conditions of release.”

Authorities say the day Jennifer Farber Dulos went missing in May 2019, surveillance cameras captured someone matching the description of her estranged husband getting out of his truck and putting “multiple garage bags into various trash receptacles” in the Hartford area.

Detectives later recovered clothing and household goods from trash receptacles with Jennifer Dulos’ blood on it.

In one of two videos released Monday, a man with a black hat can be seen exiting a pickup truck and grabbing a black garbage bag out of the back and placing it in garbage bin alongside the road. He then retrieves what appears to be a small carpet and walks it to another garbage bin where he rolls it up and leaves it. He then gets into the black truck and drives away.

In the second video the same man can be seen exiting the black pickup truck and throwing something into a roadside garbage container. The passenger door opens, and someone can be seen leaning out and appearing to touch the sidewalk.

CNN has reached out to the Connecticut State Police and the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney for comment on the video and the allegations made by Schoenhorn.

Fotis Dulos was found near death in late January at his home in Connecticut and later died in a hospital of an apparent suicide. Dulos’ attorneys had said in a court filing that authorities discovered a note in which Dulos reiterated his innocence and claimed his attorneys had evidence to prove it.

CNN’s Jennifer Henderson contributed to this report.