CNN  — 

Jennifer Garner has used her time in quarantine to discover the joys of “The Office.”

Wearing a Dunder Mifflin T-shirt, she took to Instagram to say after watching one episode a day, she and her kids have finished all nine seasons of the show. The finale brought her to tears.

Garner narrated a video of herself crying, saying: “You’ll never guess which show my kids and I watched an episode a day of through quarantine and guess what? We finished it, and guess what? It gave me some really big feelings.

“Look who needed a big cry and maybe a shower would have been helpful, but it’s just nice to know you can still just feel so passionate about something, right?” she added. “So thank you. If you’ve ever heard of the show, ‘The Office,’ you should try it. It’s wonderful.”

Garner wrote alongside the video: “My kids and I have spent months piled on the couch working our way through ‘How to Behave as Grownups’, aka #TheOffice. Apparently we are sensitive people – the finale hit us pretty hard. When I realized I’d accidentally shot my farewell testimonial in slo-mo I realized: your Monday might need this, too.”

She also signed off by using one of the show’s famous lines, “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.”