Erie Zoo's baby red pandas.

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CNN  — 

A zoo in Pennsylvania has welcomed two new adorable additions to its animal family.

A pair of red pandas, a boy and girl, were born on July 8 and are now five weeks old, a spokesperson with Erie Zoo announced on Facebook.

The babies, who have yet to be named, were born to the zoo’s adult red pandas, Pumori and Delilah. This is their first litter together.

“Pumori is extremely valuable genetically for red pandas who are critically endangered, so this is a really, really exciting development for the world of species survival and pandas,” the spokesperson said.

Dr. P.J. Palumbo, the attending veterinarian at the Erie Zoo, has been taking care of the pandas since they were born and will continue to do so until they are about four months old.

The babies must be fed every four hours and are being hand-raised by Palumbo because they were struggling to naturally gain weight.

“They are doing extremely well,” the spokesperson said in the video while giving viewers a glimpse of the babies. “They did just open their eyes within the last week.”

The babies, who are currently brown and will slowly develop a red color over time, aren’t yet on view to the public.