How many of these sad pandemic achievements have you unlocked?

Updated 3:11 AM ET, Sat August 15, 2020

(CNN)At this point, we've all been living in a coronavirus world for more than five months. That's almost half a year lost to a terrifying and depressing pandemic limbo.

Some of us seem intent on returning to our normal lives, but what we have now is still so far away from normal. Plenty of people are working from home for the forseeable future; every day seems to bring news of another canceled event, and parents are playing guessing games when it comes to school reopenings. Oh, and don't forget: Cases are still on the rise.
Even if you or your loved ones are lucky enough to have avoided the worst of the virus, you've probably still had to shelter in place, upend your routines and deal with all kinds of uncertainty, all while keeping yourself occupied, sane and as safe as possible. And let's face it, there are definitely some things we've all gone through. Hopefully this checklist will make you feel a little less alone.

To keep busy

__ Bought something unnecessary because you were bored and you saw it online