A pandemic school supplies list

Updated 10:08 PM ET, Wed August 12, 2020
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Here are nine school year essentials for students returning during the coronavirus pandemic. Max Pepper/CNN
The basics: Kids still need paper, erasers and scissors whether they're learning at home or school.
The new basics: Kids need to have face masks to wear and hand sanitizer (when they can't wash their hands).
Lanyards: Lanyards or other cords are good for keeping masks around a child's neck.
Connectivity: With so much learning happening online, reliable Wi-Fi or hard-wired Ethernet is a necessity.
A device: Parents, schools and school districts need to equip each student with a mobile device so everyone can learn virtually.
Headphones: They help kids tune out siblings and working parents at home or fellow students at school to focus on their lessons.
A workspace: Parents who can swing it may want to get each child a desk.
Visible schedule: Listing a daily schedule and objectives on a whiteboard or flip-chart paper helps keeps kids and adults organized.
Air purifiers: While air purifiers have not been proven to eliminate the novel coronavirus, they do work to remove contaminants from the air in a room.