Who will Biden pick for vice president? The clock is ticking

Screengrab from a video Joe Biden released about his "vetting process."

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(CNN)It's about to happen. We think.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, spent his weekend edging toward a decision on his running mate, with his party's virtual convention looming next week.
Everyone who has spent weeks speculating on who Biden's pick for vice president might be, who is in the running and who is out doesn't really have a clue. If Biden has already settled on a name, he hasn't let on to anyone but that person or his deepest inner circle. And they're not talking either.
    Choosing a vice presidential nominee is one of the most important choices a would-be President will make, as we wrote last week. And the vice president in a Biden administration might be especially influential. There are multiple candidates who fit his criteria of someone ready to be President, including the one thing we know for sure: that Biden will pick a woman.
      So with the proviso that we will only know the identify of his number two when Biden makes it official, here are some possible candidates.
        Kamala Harris
        The California Senator has a winning personality, rapier debating skills (as Biden knows to his cost) and is a Democratic rising star. Her own misfiring presidential campaign however flattened her political trajectory somewhat, and her past as a prosecutor could be a gold mine for opposition researchers.