Using a rowing machine is just one in a myriad of ways you can get moving with cardiovascular exercise. Original photo courtesy Dana Santas

Get moving faster with cardio: How to reboot your workout routine

Updated 1:19 PM ET, Sat August 15, 2020

Join Dana Santas for a seven-part series to learn how to reboot your workout routine — and stick with it. Here's Part IV.

(CNN)So far in this series, we've set the foundation for establishing a sustainable exercise habit, mastered how to move properly and learned how to use free weights to increase strength and boost our metabolism.

Now, we'll get our bodies moving faster with cardiovascular exercise.
For many people, the idea of cardiovascular exercise, otherwise known as "cardio" or aerobic activity, brings to mind sweat-drenched people in a group fitness class or running on treadmills. While those visions are accurate examples, cardio actually encompasses a lot more exercise options, which we'll cover below.