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We’ve all likely experienced the fraying of a charging cable, whether it was Lightning, USB-C or Micro USB. It’s frustrating, but what if there were a cable designed for durability?

Well, Evercable might have a solution with its steel armor spin on traditional charging cables. Essentially, its new cables boast stainless steel coil casings around the typical plastic outer shields.

Pretty neat, right? Well, we’ve been testing a USB-C to USB-A Evercable and Lighting to USB-A Evercable for the past few weeks. Both of these are available at competitive prices:

  • 4.35 foot USB-C Evercable ($15.95, originally $19; store.cnn.com)
  • 4.35 foot Lighting Evercable ($18.95, originally $22; store.cnn.com)

The cable is more malleable and feels like a toy snake. There’s even a little squeak when you attempt to stretch it. The sound can be annoying, but it’s neat, as it shows the stainless coil structure expanding and uncovering the plastic layer — but it never shows too much.

We attempted to puncture it with scissors and a nail but were unsuccessful. We bent the Evercable and stretched it with pressure on either end. We also made a 90-degree bend at the end of the cable, where it connects to the plug, and clamped it down for about an hour. When we came back, the plastic was discolored, but there were no frays, tears or functionally problems.

This cable is truly tangle-free and easily holds a coil for easy storage. The stainless steel color is unique and reflects light. At 4.35 feet, it’s longer than many of the standard cables that come with your phones and is perfect for a nightstand setup.

And for Apple users, the Evercable carries the all-important MFi certification. In our tests, it performed properly for charging and data transfers. We also had no issues with the USB-C variant.

On sale for just under $16 and $19, the Evercables prove to be terrific and durable charging cables.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.