Thousands of cockfighting roosters found during raid on Los Angeles property

Thousands of cockfighting roosters were found during raid on a property in Los Angeles.

(CNN)California authorities are crying foul against occupiers of an L.A. property after approximately two to three thousand roosters were found being bred for cockfighting.

On Monday, L.A. County Sheriff's deputies served a search warrant on a multi-acre property in the Chatsworth neighborhood as part of an investigation related to animal cruelty and possession of game fowl for fighting purposes, according to a news release.
Police also found several hundred livestock on the property in "various states of health," the sheriff's department said. Pictures from the scene showed roosters packed into cages, as well as dogs and even a horse with what appeared to be blood on its legs.
      This dog was one of the hundreds of other animals found at the property.
      Several people at the property were detained and all animals will be inspected and documented by Animal Care and Control officers, the department said.
        Cockfighting, one of the world's oldest spectator sports, is illegal in all 50 states, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
          The sport, which involves two roosters fighting until one dies, is often tied to illegal gambling activities, and the animals are typically given illegal drugs to increase their fighting ability, the NCSL said.