We named the Roku Ultra our top pick for best streaming device in 2021, and now it’s on sale. The small box is powerful, easy to navigate and has a broad catalog of apps. And it gets better: Amazon is discounting the Ultra, dropping the price to $66.01.

The Roku Ultra earned its title here at Underscored thanks to its already reasonable price, combined with its ability to upscale content to display the best picture possible on your TV. That means even if your TV doesn’t support the latest quality picture, the Roku will do the heavy lifting to improve what you see on the screen.

The Roku Ultra is fast, responsive, delivers the widest variety of streaming services through up-to-date apps and lets you find everything easily with universal search, for a reasonable price.

One of our personal favorite features of the Roku Ultra is the ability to plug headphones into the remote and use wireless earbuds with the mobile app in order to listen to whatever’s on the TV without disturbing those around you. It’s handy if you’re watching a loud movie late at night and don’t want to wake the family or roommates.

Roku has access to nearly every streaming service you can imagine, and the Roku Voice Remote and a pair of wired headphones are both included with the Ultra. One of the most handy features: There’s a button on the Ultra box itself that you can press that prompts a sound to be played on your remote when you need help finding it.

Order the Roku Ultra now to step up your streaming game and see why the Ultra earned our top pick.