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A singing parrot goes viral. David Blaine gets really high. A young skateboarder makes a comeback. Here are the must-see videos of the week.

If I were a boy (bird)

01:15 - Source: CNN
Teen gets attention of golf legends with one-armed swing

Chico the parrot has got an impressive singing voice. Visitors to the wildlife park in England where he resides have been wowed by his rendition of Beyonce’s song, “If I Were A Boy.” His handlers say he’s got more songs in his repertoire so they’re planning more videos soon. Can’t wait!

Tense moment at kite festival

01:11 - Source: CNN
See endangered tigers captured on camera in Thailand

Social media captured the moment a three-year-old girl was flung up into the air after becoming entangled in a kite’s tail during a festival in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Up, up and away!

01:49 - Source: HLN
Dramatic video shows officers respond to toddler floating in pool

David Blaine keeps us on the edge of our seats as he travels almost 5 miles into the air above the Arizona desert. His young daughter chatted with her dad as he dangled in the sky.

She’s awesome

02:28 - Source: KMOV
Mom breaks down after meeting man who saved her son's life

After a scary fall and some serious injuries, a 12-year-old skateboarder attempts “the mega” with some help from pro Tony Hawk.

The future is now

00:57 - Source: HLN
Hear why Garth Brooks says he doesn't want top CMA award

A Japanese company has announced the successful test of a manned flying car. After liftoff, it circled the test field for about four minutes.