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We’ve seen the Baby Yoda craze sweep through the gamut of products since it first made its appearance in “The Mandalorian.” There’s been The Child animatronic plush figures and even Lego sets, but what about some tech accessories?

Well, OtterBox is filling that gap with The Child Den Series Stand for the 3rd Gen Echo Dot. Essentially, you can prop the Echo Dot or Echo Dot with Clock up a bit on a stand with adorable green ears that could only belong to The Child. The base has the same coloring and design as Baby Yoda’s clothes, and a green half-circle will hold the smart speaker in place.

It’s a simple tech accessory, but one with a fun design that will put a smile on the face of any “Star Wars” fan. Plus, when pairing it with an Echo Dot with Clock, you do get an easier way to view the time, a countdown timer and even the weather graphics.

Everyone's favorite 50-year-old baby will hold your Echo Dot for you
PHOTO: Otterbox

You get full functionality out of the Echo Dot or Echo Dot with Clock. In fact, with the clock, it should be easier to see the LED display, thanks to the speaker being slightly elevated, and you’ll still have full access to the top of the Echo Dot for controls and to see the circular LED. There’s a cutout on the back for easy wire management, and the stand itself is made from a durable rubber and plastic composite with a nonslip bottom, so the Echo Dot won’t move around even when pumping out tunes.

OtterBox’s The Child Den Series Stand for the 3rd Gen Echo Dot is available to preorder on Amazon right now for $24.95 and should arrive well before “The Mandalorian” season two debuts this fall. Preorders will arrive on August 20.

And if you’re more of a “Toy Story” fan, OtterBox makes a Squeeze Toy Alien-themed stand for the Echo Show 5.

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