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Short of being gently lowered into a warm bath filled with rose-scented bubbles and the swelling notes of Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices,” we can’t think of anything more soothing than sliding into a comfortable bed fitted with a set of luxurious sheets. And we can’t stress that last part enough. We mean Really. Nice. Sheets. Like those smooth sheets at your favorite boutique hotel you can’t get enough of.

Their ethically sourced sheets range from their classic, soft-woven signature-fabric hemmed sheets to cool and crisp percale sheets.

Enter Boll & Branch, a company that makes 100% cotton linens that are pesticide-, toxin-, chlorine- and formaldehyde-free; ensures its workers are paid a living wage (it’s a Fair Trade™-certified company); and pays attention to its impact on the environment. Case in point: Instead of using pesticides (which have caused harm to rivers all over the world, from the American South to India) in its cotton fields, Boll & Branch plants marigolds, a flower known for repelling insects. And aside from the company’s eco-friendly endeavors, Boll & Branch linens are so luxurious, they’ll remind you of melted butter. Luckily, Boll & Branch is having its Semi-Annual Sale on July 27, so you can score 20% off everything with code SEMIANNUAL20. Be sure to peruse the following three product categories — they’re our favorites.

First, those organic cotton sheets that we’ve promised will make you feel like the cherry on top of a hot-fudge sundae. Available sets range from classic, soft-woven hemmed sheets to cool and crisp percale sheets to a super-soft, stone-washed chambray triple-stitch set.

If sheets are the peanut butter on your bed sandwich, then the pillows are the jelly, and Boll & Branch’s pillows keep up their end of the iconic pairing. With both down and down-alternative options, there’s something for everyone. The down is responsibly sourced from animals in the U.S., then triple washed so that your pillow remains fluffy and supportive. The down alternative is an allergy-free synthetic fiber that is lightweight and lofty, just like real down.

Boll & Branch puts much thought and heart into its products and is dedicated to being crafted for the common good — their newest position.

Finally, in the bathroom, Boll & Branch’s Plush Bath Towels are the stars of the show with two-ply, low-twist cotton yarn and high pile. After you dry off, slip into a waffle-weave cotton bathrobe that not only has that plush, springy fabric that feels downright spa-like, but also doesn’t skimp on details, like deep pockets.

Clearly, Boll & Branch treats its sheets, pillows and towels it sells not just as ultra comfortable, ethically made products, but also as labors of love that we’re confident you’ll use and enjoy for years to come.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.