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Even the best sleepers are struggling right now, and it’s not surprising. There’s a lot of unrest and stress in the world, including a global pandemic. In these times, it’s so easy to turn to a glass of wine to unwind, but does it help or make things worse?

“I think in general, a lot of people are in this state of fight or flight,” New York City-based Joshua Tal, a sleep and health psychologist, told us. “There’s a sense of hopelessness, feeling jaded, I think. In general, there’s a lot of restlessness.”

Clearly, if you’re having trouble getting to sleep, you’re not alone. Tal offers his advice, along with a few products that can help you deal with any sort of restlessness.

Get comfortable

If you’re struggling to fall asleep, an assessment of your sleeping hygiene is a good start, Tal says.

“A good assessment to understand what your issues are can go such a long way for the treatment,” he says. “Take a minute to really think about what’s going on and think, for example, about the different areas of sleep hygiene. Like, ‘Am I really that comfortable in my bed?’”

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Find ways to wind down

“It’s good to develop a bedtime routine with some relaxing things,” says Tal. “Bath, a shower, meditation, reading fiction, music, nice candles melting. Anything. Anything that would signal to your body, time to relax, time to wind down.”

One thing to avoid? “Wine,” says Tal. “Alcohol can be a big problem for people with sleep apnea. A lot of people have apnea and don’t know that they have it, and when you add drinking to the mix, it makes it much worse.”

There’s also something to be said about blue-light blocking glasses, which have been known to help people fall asleep, as well as white noise machines that can emit white noise, as well as other soothing sounds.

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