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If your year has gone anything like ours, you’ve spent a lot more time than you expected staring at the walls of your house. You realize that you should’ve spent just a bit longer picking out shades of green for your bedroom — and maybe, just maybe — that tiger-print throw pillow is not only garish but gave you a rash you blamed on the dog.

Of course, now that you finally have time to correct your decor mistakes, you want to buy everything at one place. That’s why you want to shop at the store that’s trusted due to its years of experience in home renovation and improvement.

That’s right: You’re heading to The Home Depot online.

The Home Depot website has a comprehensive range of home decor, meaning you can totally refurbish the inside of your home while your dad orders from the gardening section — or your roommate purchases pool gear (and finally gets around to tightening that leaky pipe she is so obviously responsible for). From furniture to kitchen essentials to bathroom must-haves, The Home Depot has everything you need to fix up your home.

If there’s one room you spend the most time in, though, it’s the bedroom. It’s where you recharge your batteries and find sanctuary from bickering siblings or needy children. A good night’s sleep helps you get ready for each day and balance home life and work life without it all crashing down.

But just because your bedroom is the most important room in the house doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive. The Home Depot lets you revamp your rest nest without shelling out the big bucks for a new mattress.

1.5-Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Start with a spine-saving mattress topper, for example, like the revolutionary 1.5-Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper (from $49.99), which pairs proven memory-foam technology with a gel infusion that both adapts to give maximum support to your specific shape and sleeping patterns, and keeps you cooler at night.

Or, if you love the mattress you have and want to extend its life, consider the StyleWell Waterproof Mattress Pad (from $21.22), which eliminates the damage from spills and is made with a comfortable polyester fiber fill and soft microfiber shell. It has a stretchable skirt that fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

Siberian Hypoallergenic Goose Down Queen Pillow

Once your back’s been taken care of, it’s time to pamper your head and neck. When it comes to luxury, check out the Siberian Hypoallergenic Goose Down Queen Pillow ($81.91), made with a premium Siberian down that won’t aggravate your allergies. It’s great no matter which sleeping position you’re used to and comes with a 100% cotton, 500-thread-count cover that wicks away moisture.

But if you need that little extra boost for peaceful slumber, the Aromatherapy Chamomile Soft Touch Standard Pillow ($30) may be for you. Infused with the scent of chamomile, a known herbal remedy for those who struggle to relax and sleep, it’s also supportive and machine-washable.

Four-Piece Solid 400-Thread Count Supima Cotton Percale California King Deep Pocket Sheet Set

When you’re ready to add a splash of color to your bedroom, the Four-Piece Solid 400-Thread-Count Supima Cotton Percale California King Deep Pocket Sheet Set ($206) comes in an assortment of colors, ensuring you’ll find something to complement your walls and furniture. Plus, it’s made from the best cotton grown in the U.S., is extra deep (so you won’t have to worry about anything coming undone in the middle of the night) and is so comfortable, it’ll make even the most humdrum bed fit for a palace.

And now, finally, you can replace that tiger-print throw pillow that’s giving you nightmares in more ways than one. The Rani Multicolored Vintage Floral Cotton Patchwork Sham (from $59) evokes memories of the best nooks in grandma’s house, with vintage florals on a timeless, hand-quilted, 100% cotton patchwork. It’s even prewashed, so you don’t have to wait a second to make your bed homier than ever.

Thanks to The Home Depot’s wide array of home-decor possibilities, fixing up your home can include fixing yourself up with sweet dreams, too.