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We’ve seen retro consoles come back as miniature working versions, but come August 1, you’ll be able to build your own Lego version of the Nintendo Entertainment System console for $229.99. And it’s not just the NES console, but the controller, Super Mario Bros. game cartridge and a 1980s style TV.

In total, there are a whopping 2,646 pieces.

As Lego is known to do, the Nintendo Entertainment System Building Kit focuses on the details. You can put the Lego-built game cartridge into the NES through a slot and connect the controller to the console with a cable.

Not only do you get an 8-bit flat Mario minifigure, but you can move him around the game course shown on the TV to put your own spin on it. The course itself is made of technic gears, so via a knob on the side of the TV, you can move the course around and play as Mario — tackling jumps and bumping Goombas in real time.


It’s a 1980s NES experience mixed with classic Super Mario Bros. action.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

This kit works the Super Mario universe collection, that includes a very special Mario minifigure with an LCD screen. You can get the Mario minfigure in the Super Mario Starter Course, which launches on August 1 for $59.99. You’ll be able to place the Lego Mario from the Starter Course set on the top of the TV from the NES Kit, thanks to a special action brick. He’ll react to the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. in real time.


Lego’s Nintendo Entertainment System Building Kit lands on August 1 for $229.99, the same day that the Super Mario Starter Course, expansion sets and character bags also launch.

You can, of course, pick up an NES or SNES Classic Edition as well to get your game on. Or get a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play classic titles on the Switch or Switch Lite.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.