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What should be a booming tourist destination this time of year is now riddled with coronavirus, dwarfing other states and even entire countries in some metrics.

Here’s what the situation in Florida looks like:

Florida had more new cases in 1 day than the entire US did in about 2 months

Florida reported its highest number of new Covid-19 cases in one day – 15,300 on Saturday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

That’s a new record for the most new cases in a single day from any state – including New York state earlier in the pandemic.

It took the entire United States 59 days to top 15,000 combined cases – from January 21 to March 20.

It also took the entire US more than two months from the start of the outbreak to top 15,000 new cases in a single day.

That happened on March 26, when the US had 18,036 new cases in a single day, according to Johns Hopkins data.

Florida has 12x the cases of Australia and South Korea combined

Australia and South Korea both have more people than Florida, but both countries have seen just a fraction of the Covid-19 cases that Florida has.

Australia (population 25 million) has had 9,980 cases of Covid-19, according to data Monday from Johns Hopkins University.

South Korea (population 51 million) has had 13,479 coronavirus cases as of Monday.

Florida (population 21 million) has had 282,435 Covid-19 cases by Monday, according to Johns Hopkins.

In other words, Florida’s Covid-19 cases has topped Australia’s and South Korea’s combined – times 12.

Florida’s Covid-19 death toll is like 10 jumbo jets crashing

At least 4,277 Floridians have died from Covid-19.

A Boeing 747 plane can carry about 400 passengers. That means the coronavirus death toll from Florida is about the same as if 10 jumbo jets crashed, killing everyone on board.

Florida has triple the number of China’s Covid-19 cases

Six months ago, the world thought this new coronavirus was contained to China – specifically, the Wuhan area.

But now, the entire country of China has less than 1/3 the total Covid-19 cases that Florida does, according to Johns Hopkins data. As of Monday, China had 85,117 total cases since the pandemic started, compared to Florida’s 282,435.

Florida has surpassed Italy in Covid-19 cases, too

Italy came under worldwide scrutiny for its handling of Covid-19 as the disease quickly spread out of control.

But after strict government mandates, the country has managed to quell the virus and has largely returned to normal.

As of Monday, Italy (population 60 million) had 243,230 cases from throughout the pandemic. Florida (population 21 million) has already surpassed that number, at 282,435.

Florida’s death toll, however, remains lower than Italy’s – 4,277 in Florida, compared to 34,954 in Italy.

Florida has more Covid-19 cases than most countries

If Florida were a country, it would rank No. 9 in the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins data Monday.

Eight countries have higher counts than Florida: the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

And more than 100 countries have fewer Covid-19 cases than Florida, including France, Germany and Japan.