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Ring lights are growing in popularity — and for good reason.

As we put better cameras in our pockets, courtesy of smartphones like the Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 11, we want to capture more photos and record more video. Maybe we want to show off our dance moves on TikTok, makeup routines on YouTube or even culinary confections on Instagram.

Being able to light our subjects is no easy feat, so that’s where a ring light comes in. U-Stream’s combination 10-inch ring light and tripod, which we’ve tested for the past few weeks, is the total package and available for $49.99 on the CNN Store.

A ring of LED lights that spans 10 inches in diameter comprises the main portion of the U-Stream. You can adjust the temperature of the lights between a warm white, a warm yellow and a pure white. For each of those, there are 10 levels of brightness, all controlled by a handy built-in remote.

At the bottom of the light, or where it meets the tripod, you’ll find a universal phone holder that lets you place your phone in the perfect spot for content capture. The tripod is fully adjustable between a range of 18 to 52 inches, making it convenient for a variety of situations — whether you’re snapping a selfie, recording a dance or doing a product demonstration.

The U-Stream is an ideal option for home or office use (versus, say, a road trip), since it isn’t battery operated; the device is powered by a USB plug that requires a wall adapter.

This U-Stream combination 10-inch ring light and tripod is available now from the CNN Store for $49.99.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.