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In the last two days Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has had to address his state’s continued surge in new coronavirus cases while also trying to tamp down concerns.

On Monday, DeSantis said he thought the outbreak in Florida had “stabilized” but that he wanted to get back to case numbers seen in May or early June.

On Tuesday, the governor danced around questions over when Florida officials would provide data on daily hospitalization rates in the state, which his office had said would start last week. DeSantis pointed to a report from the state’s Department of Health, saying “they have so much raw data on there,” suggesting that the information could be pulled out of the report.

Facts First: DeSantis’ suggestion that Florida’s caseload has somehow stabilized doesn’t square with the data. Over the weekend it set a state record for the most cases reported in a single day (11,458) and Florida officials still have not provided statewide data on daily hospitalization numbers for the virus.

On Tuesday morning the state’s Department of Health reported an increase of 7,347 cases, with 2,066 of those coming from Miami-Dade County. The report also showed a state record of 16.27% of all coronavirus tests coming back positive. That’s more than double the national seven-day moving average, according to data from Johns Hopkins.

Before the steady rise in new coronavirus cases began in early June, the highest number of cases Florida had reported in a single day was 1,413 on April 17.

When it comes to hospital data for Covid-19 patients, Florida officials have still not released data on the daily number of hospitalizations, which is key to understanding coronavirus trends. The state government does provide cumulative hospitalization numbers but that data point doesn’t show how many coronavirus patients are currently being treated.

As CNN has reported, 43 hospital ICU’s in 21 counties in Florida have hit capacity and show zero ICU beds available, according to data released by the Agency for Health Care Administration.