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We get it: You want out.

You want out. We want out. Everyone wants out. Our collective cabin fever has grown all summer and all we want to do this upcoming fall is get outside. This year … well, this year has been trying of all for those of us who love the outdoors.

And yet for the vast majority of us, hopping onto a plane to explore America’s wonderful national parks or comb the seashore or, well, do anything that we can’t do in our backyards or on our balconies isn’t going to be a safe, reasonable option.

But that doesn’t mean you and your family have to spend the beautiful days of autumn cooped up in your home. There’s a way to enjoy all the great wide, open spaces America has to offer without giving up the security and safety of your own home.

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RVshare lets you rent recreational vehicles directly from their owners so you can, in essence, take your own (temporary) home on the road as you seek beauty and fun al fresco — while keeping safely distant from strangers. Plus, you can take advantage of your kids’ newfound virtual lessons and take a family road trip at a time of year when they’re typically occupied with in-person classes. From simple camping trips to coast-to-coast explorations, from budget-minded trailers to luxe motorhomes that are basically mansions on wheels, the rentable fleet of 100,000 RVs means you can have outdoor adventures without risking your and your loved ones’ health.

In other words, you can get out there and see the country and self-isolate at the same time.

The way it works is easy, especially if you’ve rented a place from a home-share site like Airbnb or VRBO. Just go to the safe and secure RVshare website, enter where you live or want to pick up your RV, the dates you need it and how many people it needs to sleep, then see what’s available in your area.

You’re able to choose from factors like the RV’s size, how comfortable you are driving it (i.e., whether you have the skills to pull off parking a Class-A or Class-C motorhome), if it’s pet-friendly and whether you want to pick up your RV or have it delivered. As long as you’re 25, have a driver’s license and are in one of the 50 states, you can book instantly and your new vacation home on wheels will be ready for you in no time.

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The average cost is $150 a night, or a ton less than that beach house you can no longer split with college friends.

And if you own an RV, you can help others make the most of this unusual fall by listing your vehicle on the site and make money while helping others keep responsibly socially distant as they indulge their quarantine-induced wanderlust. You could earn up to $40,000 a year — RVshare takes care of the renter verification and provides free insurance — since most RVs sit unused for all but two weeks a year.

Look, fall 2020 is going to be a crazy season for more reasons than one. RVshare offers a safe, affordable way to escape your house and make cherished, long-lasting memories on the open road.