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Teeth whitening can be a painful and expensive process, and while you can always pay for professional treatments, there are at-home solutions.

The Glowup. Personalized Teeth Whitening Kit is available now for $49.99 (regularly $60) and is an easy way to whiten your teeth at home. The whitening kit comes with everything you need to get started — we’ll get to what’s in the box later — you won’t need to buy extra supplies.

It’s important to note we can’t guarantee success using the Glowup. kit, which uses a whitening gel solution paired with an LED light intended to speed up the process. Teeth whitening is a personal process and certain products might not work for everyone.

We break down everything you need to know.

The set up

PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN
Ellen McAlpine/CNN
PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN

When you purchase your Glowup. kit, you’ll take a quiz based on your teeth. The gel is tailored to the sensitivity of your teeth, if you have cavities and the degree to which your teeth are stained. We like the personalization of this kit, which aims to be specific to your needs.

The Glowup. kit is also easy to assemble. You’ll find a light, instructions, the whitening solution and even Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C ports adapters to fit your phone’s charging port. That’s a nice touch.

The whitening solution comes in test tubes that look similar to vials you’d find at the doctor. Don’t worry though, no needles are involved.

You have to remove the stopper from the end of the test tube and attach the smaller applicator. This was tricky and we had to repeatedly read the instructions to make sure we did this right and wouldn’t break it.

If you flip the test tube over you’ll see lines marking the side at the one-quarter mark each way down. This was a super helpful feature as you’re supposed to put one-quarter of the solution on the top and the bottom of the light. You’ll use half a test tube for each application.

The downside is that while you gain more usage out of one test tube, it was messy to replace the stopper. The markers were helpful, though, because we weren’t sure when we read the instructions if we were going to have to eyeball it or not.

The Glowup. light doesn’t require charging, which is a huge plus. There aren’t specific washing instructions, so we washed it with soap and warm water, careful not to let water drip onto the wire.

Once it was washed and dried, the Glowup. was ready. And the instructions are simple: After you brush your teeth, apply the whitening gel solution to your Glowup.

Using Glowup.

The Glowup. doesn’t show which side of the light is meant for your top or bottom teeth, so you don’t have to worry about messing up. Once you’ve applied the whitening solution, plug the cord into your phone.

It’s recommended you only use the whitening light for 10 minutes, so we set a timer, which worked out nicely because we kept our phone with us so we didn’t miss the alarm.

The convenience of being able to plug Glowup. into your phone is huge. It works out nicely if you use it on the go, since you’ll never have to worry about charging your whitening light or carrying an extra charger. It didn’t drain too much of our phone battery, either. We didn’t notice a significant change, even though we used other apps while we waited.

Another plus of Glowup. plugging into your phone is watching the time fly while scrolling through TikTok.

The light won’t automatically turn off after 10 minutes, which is why we set the timer. Once the 10 minutes was up, we headed back to the sink and rinsed with water to remove the solution. We again washed the whitening light and left it to dry. There was no bad aftertaste after using either, which was nice.

After usage

PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN
Ellen McAlpine/CNN
PHOTO: Ellen McAlpine/CNN

Glowup. recommends that you use the whitening light once a day for six days for best results.

The kit includes three tubes of whitening solution, and since you’re only using half of a tube at a time, you should get six uses. The instructions were simple to follow and the only tricky set up was putting the applicator plug back on the test tube.

It was easy to evenly spread the whitening solution on the whitening light and the markers on the test tubes were a huge help to make sure you use the right amount of solution.

If you have an account and run out of the whitening solution, you can reorder for $10 per month. The refills are bi-monthly and shipping is free. That’s a good deal since many over-the-counter whitening solutions and strips can cost more for a single purchase.

Plus, Glowup. saves your information in your account, so you can order the same whitening solution each time.

The glowup whitening kit was super simple to put together and use. The instructions walk you through everything you’ll need to know and are easy to follow. Plugging the whitening light into your phone for usage is really convenient and makes the glowup kit a good traveling device since you wouldn’t need to pack an extra charger. There’s no bad aftertaste with the whitening solution either, although your mouth definitely will water while you keep the light in for 10 minutes. It’s not enough to be a turn off for us though.

Final thoughts

The Glowup. Personalized Teeth Whitening Kit is a small and convenient product, and for $49.99, you receive the light and six applications of whitening solution. The buying process is personalized and whitening solution refills are only $10 a month.

Using Glowup. takes only about 10 minutes to let the solution and light sit on your teeth. If you’re looking to try a new whitening product, this one is a breeze to use and won’t break the bank.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.